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smd 5050 led strip

Welcome to our smd 5050 led strip online shop. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. 5050 smd led rgb strip or 5050 smd led strip yellow may offer more options for you. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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smd 5050 led strip Customers Reviews

  • Amazing LED Strip

    posted by andremurari

    * The most cheap 72W RGB Strip in dx.com*Comes with an adhesive 3M double-sided tape for fixing it.*Comes with a RGB controller like SKU: 108424 or SKU: 66067 (Control Box w/ IR 24-Key Remote Control 12V - 6A) which is sold separately for $6.20 - $7.60* Amazing LED colors with full brightness and a lot of functions provided by the controller (included)
    This is the best option for their who seeks connect more than one strip when a longer distance is required, the strip have a connector in the end, strong enough to support high-current provided by controllers of 216W.
    I bought 3 strips to make a 15m strip with a (SKU: 130913) 216W controller and the system is working as expected!!!
  • Good product, a little bit low quality of the adhesive band.

    posted by drulllo

    This product is very functional. the light is very powerful and meets the expectations of the buyer. It handles very well cut and solder the wires is pretty simple.
    it is useful to obtain the shrink wrap to secure the connection between the wires and the light band, if you want to cut it.
    I personally find this product excellent for use inside.when subjected to external factors such as rain, wind, cold, heat, can spoil more quickly, especially when it concerns the glue that fixes it.
  • Good value for money

    posted by Mattielafleur

    All lights working (tested all three colors).All leds have the same brightness, no variations
    Can be cut into shorter pieces if you need less than 5 meters. It will not be waterproof anymore.Need a driver to power the LEDs.
    I was looking for a LED strip for home decoration. Since this waterproof version was cheaper I ordered this one.Good value for money, if you need a good ledstrip for home decoration, buy this one.
  • Very bright and effective light

    posted by robsustr

    Very bright nice light, we use it to decorate and light up countertops and showcases at our shop. It has strong light, nice color, definitely good buy. Cant find that good price in our country, definitely not with water resistant finish.
    Even when the glue is not that perfect I expected I will buy this product again, for lighten up my kitchen desk :-)
  • Bad converter

    posted by lococitro

    Good ilumination range. Waterproof as the say ip 65. The tape is 3M it works very well. I used for a drugstore and it looks very nice. It
    they may check the amperage rate of the converter, or make more suitable for the led stripe
    I will have to buy onother leds for finish my drugstore, hope the next ones came as they be


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