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  • really good buy

    posted by eilrahc

    Pretty bright light, knocks my regular bulb out of the water. Doesn't get warm at all. Lasts long. Small enough to fit in the light sockets above my sink.
    Could come in a smaller package.
    Pretty good LED for the price.
  • Excellent Quality LED Bulb. A real energy saver

    posted by tibetfox

    Fabulous Lighting at a super price.. Love it..!!! Perfect and easy on the eyes compared to traditional incandescent lighting.. I can see better especially when reading and doing intricate hobbies where I need to see well..!!!!!!
    Very nice if you like a cold lighting LED Light Bulb.. Work great and is compatible for 110v... I want too get more of these LED Lights because they last forever and really lower electricity bills..!!!!!!!!!!
    A real energy saver and is a green product.. Whereas, it will out last mercury bulbs 10 fold!!!
  • Brighter than expected.

    posted by luvasu

    Believe it or not, but I shave myself under the light of three of these bulbs (side by side in a row over the mirror). I switch only one bulb when using the bathroom or shower; to shave, I switch-on the other two.
    Overall, I've got a better product than expected. SIX units bought up to today... and probably more in a short future.
    I planned a change of low consumption bulbs (those with a light tube inside) in all of the house due to the contens of mercury in those tubes. DX LED products are a big help to this purpose. They are great to "slim" the electricity bill.
  • Very good LED lamp. -

    posted by 1Alamo

    Projects whiter light than expected, it shows good workmanship, nice design, I think it complies well with the specifications. -
    If not for the delay caused by the customs of my country (Argentina), definitely buy more, it seems a very good product, I can only see the performance, but that only can be seen with the use and over time. -
    A good product, offers good white light, so I highly recommend it, consider consumption 3 w not upload more pictures because you teach well is to product, so far very happy.-
  • Replacement for halogen kitchen light

    posted by ruud68

    Good build quality, intense and warm light. I use these to replace 20 watt halogen light bulbs under my kitchen cabinet. Although they do not have the same warm white and the same light emittance (more in the line of a 10-15 watt halogen bulb) they serve me well
    although they are labeled warm white they are actually more grey the the halogen bulbs they replace. I use them to replace 20 watt halogen bulbs, that are almost on for the whole day. The energy savings outweigh the color and light loss
    Good replacement light for a 15 watt halogen bulb, not as warm light.


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