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smd 3528 Customers Reviews

  • Pretty good light

    posted by ekfleck

    Color of light is very close to incandescent. Light output is not directional (as you would expect) good coverage all around. Fits US E27 fixtures OK.
    Less light than I expected for 24W. I would say it is almost as bright as 60W incandescent. I named it Hilary Clinton because it is kind of fat and not very bright.
    I found other bulbs at DX that worked better for the money.
  • Good product, can be used to replace turn signal light

    posted by Katonazoo

    Easy to use, no modifications requed to install, the color of the light exactly matches the color of facory turn signal light. The light emitted almost matches the "1156" 21W bulb's light, may not be so bright in the center, althrought more then enough to replace original bulbs.
    The leight of the bulb is bigger then the BA15S original bulb, in some vehicle it may not fit, but most of them have enough space to install.
  • Efficient, small, protected

    posted by cyriusbe

    Have bought one for testing because of its size approaching normal bulb, so you can put in older devices.
    Used for light outside linked to a detector (protected of rain). this bulb is put inside an old enclosure supporting only "old" bulb size, we are so happy to have it instead of a cfc economic one which has obliged us to remove the top of the decorative part of the lamp. Now he decoration is back in place
    Moreover, as it's led, it light up directly (used to light the house door).
    Omnidirectional light
    As said, protected of rain, but not suffering of staying outside (has proved to resits to freeze and humiity up to now)
    Will buy some other for replacement of old economic bulb when they will be down.
    This one is giving lot of light, no real heating, in old kind size limitation, this is very good :-)
  • Good 3157 replacement, equivalent brightness

    posted by JimM0000

    These work great as a 3157 replacement.They support the High/Low output of a 3157.A 3157 puts out about 260 lumens. These are equivalent.The light is cool white
    These work great on my camper since I don't need load resistors on the camper. If you're using these in your newer vehicle, you will most likely need load resistors to prevent CANBUS errors.
    A good simple replacement for a 3157 bulb that draws less current. Great for a trailer.
  • Wrong size

    posted by cobrabih

    I ordered the bulbs 36mm length, but I've got a 30mm length. Everything else is OK
    It's very bright. Color is quite near blue. Not annoying blueish, not yellowish. It's much more better then stock bulbs. Power consuption is much lower. No heating. Several bulbs have exact same color.
    bulbs are extra quality

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