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smartphone android Customers Reviews

  • Best screen on a phone ever!

    posted by Vladuu

    Best screen i've seen and best resolution ever. The Dual-Core processor makes everything run smooth and easy. Battery time is great also if you install a custom kernel and ROM. Just head down to xda, go to "Galaxy Nexus Android Development" section and you can make your phone unstoppable. Also the sound is great too, the inner speaker is loud enough so you can hear the person you're speaking to even if they talk very slowly.
    A phone that can perform perfect in any situation, bussiness, games, home, work, etc. Probably the best at the moment.
  • Very good product

    posted by koniworld

    A very good smartphone. It's fast, all the programs run and open really fast. I live in Brazil and the SIM card and SD card worked fine, and recognized very fast mine operation line. It is an unblocked phone, so you can use any SIM card. The 3D image for games and picture is very good, and the screen is 4.3" (big) and it is not a heavy weight phone to carry on.. I really enjoy this smartphone, I recomend, it was a good buy for me.
    good price... fits in the pocket
    I recomend.
  • Nice phone

    posted by gminoue

    Small size, Sony Quality, Android, Brazillian Portuguese, good price - in Brazil it costs 2x a new one. I paid the price for an used in Brazil.
    I bought it for my mother and she loved it. Color, size, beautiful. It's refurbished but looks and works like new. Came with Android 2.1 and it looks to have a new update but I still couldn't update, it need a memory card to complete.
    It's now out of stock, but I would recomend the other Sony Ericsson X8 available on Deal Extreme.
  • Very Good

    posted by alvarol

    Absolutely a very good device, despite being an old model. Model MB860 is consistent with what was purchased.
    Android can be updated by using customized roms. They are better than original. I'm using right now the TopSmat rom. Very good and fast. This version provide brazilian portuguese language.
    I am very pleased with the machine: fast, beautiful, lightweight, and has a fingerprint reader.
  • Excellent product but not perfect

    posted by esgrio

    It worked well with my Android 4.0.3 phone. Quick connect. It worked with my emulators (Game Boy Advanced, FPSe, SNESDroid, nds4droid, etc) in keyboard option ("A" button + Home). It worked with my Ipod Touch too ("Y" button + Home).
    It is made of a good quality material. It holds very well my 4.7" phone, it doesn't shake.
    I recommend it for anyone who wants to play games with android phones, iphone and ipod.

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