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smart key Customers Reviews

  • Good product at a reasonable price

    posted by Miata94

    Nice and soft good protection to keep you smart key well protectedLooks fancier and classier than the price suggestsLeather like quality on the inside
    Classy pattern and not flashy with quality snap buttons and key ring hardwares.Nice simple basic design
    Good Value product that looks much more expensive than it really is.I would definitely recommended to anyone who has a smart key to protect it from being banged up and scratched.
  • It does it job!

    posted by SilverShadowPT

    Its made of hard rubber and with a good quality for an aftermarket product. Does what its suppoused to do, and its a lot cheaper than buying an original casing at a Smart dealer.
    My original remote has two buttons on the outside, althought it has the 3rd button inside (probably because its a 2002 cabrio and this is for the 2003/2007 coupe version), but this made me realize that the 3rd button works (it opens the roof top, instead of the bagage area like its suppoused to do on the coupe version). Makes me wish i had ordered the SKU: 118014 instead!
    If the casing of your remote is good, and only the rubber buttons are deteriorated, buy it. Dont even think twice, with just a couple minutes you can restoure your remote. If your casing is already damaged, get the SKU: 118014 instead.Special note for cabrio owners with 2 key remote: It fits inside your original casing, but before ordering check if your remote has a working 3rd button inside. If it does, and if you want to use it, get the SKU: 118014 instead.
  • Perfect Fit

    posted by muratoral

    My Citroen C4's original key was in very bad condition because of its soft plastic buttons. Previously I tried to use 2 different key cases. Both of them was not perfect fit. So, after several use, the cases was loosen up and so the spring mechanism was not working.
    But this case is like original. Everything fit inside perfectly. Spring mechansim is working without problem.
    If your original key also has follow-up button in the middle (not backdoor button) then you can buy it.
    P.S. My car is Citroen C4 2006 1.6HDI
  • Great replacement remote housing

    posted by bradrempel

    My original housing for my vehicle remote was all scratched up and the labels on the rubber buttons were completely rubbed off. Of course, this is only the housing and not the remote itself but my remote looks like brand new again. I ended up buying one to replace a remote at work that had broken where it connects to the key ring.
    This works for other Chevy vehicles. I got one of these for the Hummer H3 at work and one for my Colorado. Both fit the exact same.
    If your remote housing is busted or not looking it's best. Grab one of these. I've looked at some stores in town and they are charging way more for these guys.
  • Great investment for your key

    posted by BlahMBah

    Great price. Those keys are really sensitive for drops, key plastic is kind easily whorn out .. Great for cosmetic change and protect your key. Easily applicable, a child can do it . Can be cleaned if dirt collects up.
    Cheaper than ebay. As ususall, DX inculdes S&H costs. Fast delivery.
    my friends ask me to provide them a link to buy those ..

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