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smart charger Customers Reviews

  • looks like a toy

    posted by mlksa

    It's compact and lightweight. It's cheap, however it isn't far better than a $2 noname 220-to-USB charger you easily find here at DX.
    Build quality is good, PCB is soldered accurately, plastic looks good.
    Description says there is auto-polarity detection, and it seems to work, however the PCB is signed with + and - marks, which mean polarity matters. I can't find a datasheet for controller IC used in this charger.
    When you connect the battery, and disconnect mains plug (or there is a power fault) you see anyway one red LED indicating the battery connected. I think it would discharge the battery after time.
    Well it works, it's cheap, however it doesn't what you expected from such a promising LED display.
  • Powerful charger

    posted by Teyrtaos

    That's a very powerful charger to charge up to five devices with a total maximum output of 5A.The case is very well built and looks nice to me. It has rubber stands to avoid slippering.There is a power button and a blue power LED when it is turned on.The circuit board is very well soldered.
    Plug devices according to the indications on the case (2A or 1A) as the electronics aren't the same for these plugs.
    This is a very nice and powerful device to charge all my devices. Even with the small issues I would buy it again.
  • Good product with good quality

    posted by rajm

    pros about ordering: Perfect ordering, reached within 7 days across the world thanks for it. pros about product : 1] Good quality material 2] good quality range of FM 3] good quality charger and rotating stand 4] good quality micro SD card mp3 player
    I will probably figure out how to set frequency sooner or later. I was looking to buy gps, a mobile charger and a car head unit, I combined them in one device my cell phone and this device helped me use this fully at same time
    Amazing device for the price and functionality its multifunctional and most usefull for guys looking for car charger, gps holder and a Fm transmitter into one
  • Well designed charger

    posted by landau351

    Doesn't blind me at night with a bright light but has blue led's hidden in the connector slots.Charges very well with the appropriate cable.I am a heavy power user and this happily keeps my S3 phone topped up.
    Both slots charge but I haven't as yet used two devices at once. I have no reason to expect it wont handle 2x2A output. After buying the first one, I bought two more.
    A reasonable price for this unit.
  • Great price, well working

    posted by Moritz

    It works great, and brought back some batteries to live.
    Charges much better than all the other Chargers I own.
    Supports all kind of Batteries.
    I had a NiCD driller battery which was completely dead. After charging and discharging it a few times with this chargers, it worked great again.
    As it is also written in the manual, don't let it charge when you are not at home. IT works great, but I don't trust such electrical stuff.

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