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  • luxurious look and great finish

    posted by PedroJJ

    luxurious look, great finish, good quality material and willingness to adapt chip alarms.
    Just show it to all my friends wanted one, very easy to resell it.
    luxurious look, great finish, good quality material and willingness to adapt chip alarms.Could have a way to change the key blade more easily because melt it is not always a pretty sight.Just show it to all my friends wanted one, very easy to resell it.
  • Good and different

    posted by TylerNTL

    Good product, good price, there's no similar in Brazil for this price
    For years I´ve been using a key chain with a broken plastic piece (where you put the metal ring). About 2 years ago a bought 3 pieces thinking about the possibility that it disappear. Until now the first one still working. One half of the handle has broken but I have 5 more. If they last for 3 years I have key rings for 15 years (I think the car will end first)
    Good deal especially when compared with the options available in Brazil
  • Perfect!

    posted by Andremagni

    perfect! This case has a very good texture! Unlike the others, does not gather dirt, is very sturdy, and fits just right on the iPad mini.
    It works like the original cover. When opened, it turns the ipad mini alone, and when closed it puts your ipad at rest.
    Works perfectly to protect the iPad, to use support, perfect. It is exactly the ipad and it works very well. If u need a cover that works well and is easy to clean, this is great! she is very easy to clean.
  • Best key case for Citroen C4

    posted by bassbr

    The construction materials are great, looks like the original case. Its easy to replace the eletronics inside the case, just open it and replace the circuit. You dont need tools to do it, just pop up the cover and you get it.Best price for a key case, in Brazil they are sold for $ 120.
    Good price, good item, just buy and enjoy the new keys.
  • Really nice cover-all case, perfect job to keep the pad pristine

    posted by slimgym

    Really like these cases. A rigid plastic back case which the mini snaps into, much better than those which have straps over the front screen. Opening the lid wakes the device and closing it puts it to sleep. The front cover will fold totally behind the back and provides a prop to be viewed at two different angles if required. There is a soft back inside the rigid plastic back and behind the front flap.
    Much more comprehensive protection than apples smart cover which only covers the front screen.
    Just get it. I had one for my full size iPad and loved it, could not find it for the mini anywhere until this one popped up.

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