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smart battery charger

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smart battery charger Customers Reviews

  • Great value

    posted by aquabella

    Small size and footprint of charger unit. Rubber coating adds a quality touch and feel to the Product. Fast charging time. Red and green LED indicates charging state of batteries. So far the batteries seem to perform better and last longer than the original.
    So far the batteries perform well, but I haven't had the chance to test the batteries in Cold temperatures yet. My original GoPro battery degrades to < 30-40 mins usage time in winter conditions, or maybe 10-15 minutes of charging. My first impression of the Fat Cat batteries are much better.
    Highly recommended
  • Nice complement

    posted by aestrada

    Easy to use. Works with all mobile phone batteries in its voltage rating (4,2 V.) no matter the posittion of their contact leads. Led indicator works as level of charging indicator, is not only cosmetic!
    May be sometimes a little tricky to adjust the two pin on the battery leads, because upper transparent zone of the clip is not so clear as it can be.
    Very convenient for trying those batteries you think are faulty but can be stressed one more time, or having those new batteries plenty of charge.
  • Great Cheap Lipo Charger

    posted by lancer652

    Cheap low priced charger, Nice red anodozied color, which matches most of my r/c cars alum color and my tools and stuff. It has functions that measure how much MAH and displays voltage etc. comes with alot of plugs. and seems ok built
    wish it came with an alum case, has a fan and was more accurate
    this is a great lipo/nimh charger for people on a budget and does not want to spend 3X as much ..
    this charger is good enough for me and exceeds in completing all my charging needs
  • Nice and cheap charger

    posted by donpollo9

    It is very cheap and can charge four battery's at the same time.It has a LED for each battery which glows red if the battery isn't full charged and green if it is full charged!Battery's don't get hot while charging and also the charger just get a bit warm --> It has some intakes for air so it stay's cool...
    You can open it by removing the four screws on the bottom of the charger!
    Buy it, it's cheap, safe and does the job!
  • Nice working and fast

    posted by gerhard2012

    This charger can charge individual batteries or up to 4 at once. Even with 4 batteries the charging is very very fast. The indicator led's meaning is printed on the charger so there is no guessing what it might mean.
    The lid of the charger is sometimes a little tricky to open (hangs) but when you get used to it it easy.
    The price vs quality is absolutely OK as far as i can tell so far. Its a fast charger for a lot of batteries at the same time!

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