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smart battery charger Customers Reviews

  • Fantastic charger for the price - Great backup

    posted by DragonPhyre

    + Small
    + Charges every kind of battery
    + All metal for heat conduction (see notes below)
    + Solid buttons
    + Easy to read LCD
    The way that the charger is constructed is to have the MOSFET (the main electrical component) connected to the case to let the thermal energy be dissipated by the case. However, there is no thermal medium connecting the MOSFET to the case--and is by default very easily damaged by overheating. It is simple to put some thermal paste onto the MOSFET and make it a much more reliable connection. Just be aware of this. Also, the main battery connections are very close to the metal case. I put a few layers of tape on the case to prevent against shorting out when i connect the battery.
    Great charger for the price. The USB port would have been nice, but it is an optional feature to be sure. The MOSFET and the battery connectors are easily fixed by taking apart the case.
  • Good device - worse delivered

    posted by werz99

    Good device with good loading electronics, good battery contacts with solid slide mechanism.Loads all 18650 or 18500/18490 cells with 1A. four independent channels. Good red/green leds show loading or end of loading.
    Why are there no real flexible cables on chinese power supplys?
    Over all good device!
  • Nice and cheap charger

    posted by donpollo9

    It is very cheap and can charge four battery's at the same time.It has a LED for each battery which glows red if the battery isn't full charged and green if it is full charged!Battery's don't get hot while charging and also the charger just get a bit warm --> It has some intakes for air so it stay's cool...
    You can open it by removing the four screws on the bottom of the charger!
    Buy it, it's cheap, safe and does the job!
  • Nice complement

    posted by aestrada

    Easy to use. Works with all mobile phone batteries in its voltage rating (4,2 V.) no matter the posittion of their contact leads. Led indicator works as level of charging indicator, is not only cosmetic!
    May be sometimes a little tricky to adjust the two pin on the battery leads, because upper transparent zone of the clip is not so clear as it can be.
    Very convenient for trying those batteries you think are faulty but can be stressed one more time, or having those new batteries plenty of charge.
  • Decent charger

    posted by xring

    - Price
    - Very size efficient
    - Individual channels
    - Shuts off when batteries are fully charged
    This is probably the most inexpensive smart charger that you'll find. It's small and lightweight, making it ideal for travelers. The only downside is the charge time. It takes 10 hours to charge depleted 2300 maH AA cells, and it will only charge 2 at a time, so if your device uses 4 AA batteries you won't be able to charge all of them overnight with a single charger if they are 100% depleted. I haven't tried AAA batteries yet, but would assume charge time to be in the 3 - 4 hour range for 900 maH cells. If you have a unique need to charge 2 AA and 2 AAA batteries simultaneously or your recharging needs are somewhat infrequent, this charger is ideal. Otherwise I would look at SKU 6194, which is a much better charger (at a higher price).
    This is a good charger, but be sure the limitations detailed above wouldn't make it impractical for your uses.


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