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Every single small keychain displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.

small keychain Customers Reviews

  • Cute Mushrooms

    posted by chaosangel19

    - it is really cheap compared to the original price of the super mario merchandise
    - its small and handy a good keychain for mario fans and for little kids
    - the quality is for the money really good its soft and solid
    I prefer to use it as a cute anti-stress ball..
    It is no bad deal noboy can make a mistake by buying it
    a cute little present
  • Excellent to keep small things with you

    posted by Snaah

    Price is ridiculously low. Storage compartment is good. Some alternatives have too small compartment, because the construction makes the cap or bottom be too thick. Cap and bottom fits well.
    I have diabetes and use some medications. The storage compartment is large enough to fit one syringe and all the pills I need for one day. Since you fit your keys to the keychains, you always bring it with you. That is perfect as the hassle with bringing those around is now gone.
    A no-brainer buy
  • Very small !

    posted by Keikiwai

    It's easy to put the micro SD in and very easy to put the SD out cause there is a little target for help.I like the blue light when accessing to the micro SD card.
    It's a no name product and seems to better work than the same from PNY (I got this one, it works when it wants...!)
    Not very expensive and so easy to use (Computer, car audio system, videoprojector with usb input, ...)
  • It makes your manhood look big!

    posted by thomasnguyen

    It has a blue LED light when plugged in! Neat. It works well with my FM Transmitter. It's very small, so it could stay in your laptop or device forever without any appearance or diminishing look.
    Take a good look at the bottom picture. I was so confused as to how to put it in. Everyone would look at me crazy if they saw how amused I was.
    Buy it! I bought one of the USB small ones that Dealextreme carries( the ones with a cover and strap) and it broke. The plastic screening that held the SD Card broke thus I could no longer put any SD Cards. It won't happen in this case!
  • Fun, works, small

    posted by tdotidle

    It holds water perfectly, and is super-useful for camping/traveling. I was a bit wary of the way the case lid attached (expected it to screw on), but it seems to be working fine.
    I used to have one of these from a camping store. It was bigger, sure, but they wanted such a ridiculous price when I went in to buy a new one.Easier to clean than I thought it might be.
    It's what it looks like, it works how it should, but it's pretty small all the same.


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