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slingshot launcher Customers Reviews

  • Nice and firm grip in your hand.

    posted by Maievmau

    Good grip, quality and aim.Gives good dents in metal objects and I never shot with "full power"
    None really. You will need more ammunition. They cant be bought here on DX what I have seen.
    It´s a nice "boys toy" for nearly all ages, can be great for gifts if someone is interested in shooting with a slingshot. Going to get myself a second one for my lilbro :)
  • good toy for bad boys

    posted by YohanBorg

    good product for the money. Good shot, Fits well in hand.Good rubber. Good toy, but NOT for children.
    Not for children! its really dangerous, if its in their hands. be careful. maybe be useful for fishing.
    I've try it only for fun.
  • Very good price, fun toy, recommend

    posted by uldeens

    Very cheap, made out of solid metal, very fun to play with, can shoot really far, very simple and esy to use
    Need to be careful with it, don't give it to kids, because you can easily take someone's eye out or shatter cars window using metal balls. Sadly only 3 metal balls are inculded, but no problem with getting tham in local bearing shop
    Really fun toy, very cheap, I recommend it for adults, get it, have some fun, shoot some cans with it if you manage to aim precise ;)
  • a cool Stainless Steel Slingshot Launcher with Six Steel Balls - Silver

    posted by GabrielCapote

    a very cool Stainless Steel Slingshot Launcher with Six Steel Balls - Silver
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    a very cool whit a thin elastic Stainless Steel Slingshot Launcher with Six Steel Balls - Silver
  • Better than buying from eBay

    posted by heineken66

    The price of this item dictates its' value. For what I paid for this, I was half-expecting something that would snap in half after a days use and, have the power of a regular elastic band. The truth is, that this slingshot is a great price for a couple of dollars outlay. I use it to scare away the cats and squirrels in my garden. The trajectory and power is well impressive.
    For any UK buyers, this got through to me OK. Having said that, it's not as obvious as a crossbow (which I don't want or need) but the mail/customs guys didn't open or stop this being delivered.
    As long as you can live with (the seemingly increasing) delays in delivery - why would you want to buy this from anywhere else?

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