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slim white Customers Reviews

  • Ok I guess

    posted by Jurisd

    -Looks good
    -Exact replica
    -Comes perfect condition, and it has kind of a plastic case to put your old pieces in
    -Looks awesome with transparent umd door and faceplate
    Request: Analog stick PSP slim/2000 (transparent white)
    Its ok if you have a transparent looking psp, otherwise I wouldn't advise getting. It is hard to asemble and can wreck your buttons (my square button doesn't work all to well, i need to push it down extra hard now). Same with any modding, if you want too play PSP games with good performance, stick with the original sony products, if not this is a really cool looking thing :)
  • Good Charger, maybe not for iPhone

    posted by bansuri

    Chrages products quickly, very thin, total distance from receptacle maybe 1/2" so it's VERY flush compared to the big Apple style. Why Apple decided on an AC adapter that sticks out 3" is beyond me. It's just a big lever attached to 20A of AC.
    Great flush design, similar to Nintendo GBA/DS chargers, doesn't work with the 2 first generation iPhones I tried it with but DOES work with iPod and rechargable Wiimote batteries/dock combo bought from DX.
  • Great Case

    posted by Scofano

    Discrete and cheap. Nice color. I think it's better than the TPU models.Good quality of the material.It protects the edges of your mobile telephone.It doesn't make the phone much bigger.
    The surface is rugged outside and slick inside.Good for the price. I recommend it!
    Good for the price. I recommend it! It is ideal, and very useful.I will buy more for me and my family.
  • Nice white flat cable

    posted by oscar1

    The cable has a nice aspect. It is white. I used it to wire the smart TV to the LAN router. It camouflages itself on the white wall. The flat section also allows you to paste with double-sided tape. It is flexible enough but it is better to make curves with a radius of at least half a inch.
    It may be useful to connect the laptop because it is quite flexible and can be easily rolled up and takes up little space in your suitcase.
    It works as expected. The quality is ok.
  • Great super slim protection for your Note

    posted by vkeza057

    It is very slim.It fits the phone perfectly.It covers all of the critical parts of the phone (the parts that usually get damaged first).It is very elegant.
    I think the price might be a little on the high side considering it is ordinary plastic, but maybe its just me.
    Everything considered it is a great super slim protection for your Note.

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