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  • Very cool and stylish keyboard

    posted by Tau34RUS

    Very beautiful, high quality, a masterpiece.I already have the same mouse (bamboo) that works well.Build quality is excellent, no irregularities.No problems detected when you press "Esc + Pause Break" - keyboard began to work.
    A bit different from the picture: packaging is different and the battery cover, but it is even more convenient.
    A remarkable thing. Price in retail stores is more hi. It's worth it to buy it, you will not be disappointed.
  • Works fine

    posted by H3g3m0n

    Nice white color.'Island' style keys.Full sized keyboard, with numpad.Arrow keys in correct size/position.
    Keys have a gentle 'soft' feel to them but there isn't any problem feeling that they have been pressed.Has "Wired Keyboard K1' printed on the spacebar.While there are dedicate Page/Home/End keys I kind of like having the option of fn+arrowkeys you find on the mac ones and laptops.
    This is a fairly nice keyboard if you like the feel if the slim key mac style keyboard without being tied to the mac 'look'. Unlike the other mac-like clones available this is a fullsized one so things like the arrow keys are in the correct position and it has dedicated PageUp/PageDown/Home/End/Insert keys.The main issue I have is the 'Macro' key. It's not much use for most people (maybe for people typing in another language like Chinese or one with accents) and it is positioned right next to the shift key so it's fairly easy to knock it by accident when trying to make an uppercase. On Ubuntu, it seems to print a > character by default. I'm going to see if I can make it work as an alternative left shift key using xbindkeys.Also the lack of media keys is a bit of a pain (would love a fullsized mac-clone keyboard which also has the full range of fn keys).I have one of the mac clone keyboard, I did prefer the 'feel' of the keys on them (and the genuine mac ones better still) but this one isn't bad either.
  • The most comfortable keyboard I have ever had!

    posted by Zombz

    # The keys are just amazing, you enjoy every time you push a key (sound crazy huh :D)# Its quiet# Keys are well ordered and good quality# They are very friendly with your fingers (feels good when you touch 'em)# Excellent for writing and programming# Extremely good for GAMING (this was the thing that I was worrying about the most)# Small!!!
    Very good keyboard. My previous one was Logitech G15.And I'm suprised that I like this one better. I mostly play fps games and I'm pretty good at em. I still sometimes miss the keys is stress situations but that's no problem (just have to rage a bit).
    Very good keyboard for the price. Despite that I recieved a white one, not the black one I ordered, I'm pretty happy with it. If you like Mac keyboards or laptop ones, definitely get this one!
  • very nice keyboard!

    posted by poktor

    I bought this as a replacement for my Dell keyboard, as that one was getting old, but also because that old keyboard had curved keys and the keys go a long way down and i hate keys that have to travel a long way before they get down, because that slows down typing a lot. So, i looked here for a slick, fast-typing keyboard. And i found it! this board is the best i encountered in a long time. Not too light, doesn't travel on your desk when typing. The keys feel light, make quick and good contact. The overall feel is slick, fast and modern. A very good board and i like it!
    maybe a thought for a new version of this board: the insert-home-pgup keys are a bit close to the prt-scr-scroll lock and puase-break keys. A bit more space between them might be better.
    A good, compact keyboard for people that love boards for fast typists, like me. It's slick, it's modern, it looks good on your desk. It looks somewhat like a Mac-keyboard. :-)
    Very good, DX!
  • good keyboard, like VAIO

    posted by 2010laohu

    The low profile keys are comfortable to use. If you like using MAC or VAIO keyboard you will like this. The build quality is very good, I am typing all day at work and I prefer this keyboard over HP, Microsoft keyboards. The white parts underneath the keyboard are glossy, just like MAC keyboard.
    If you want a black one get sku.44378. Actually I would prefer the black color, but I did not know it. There are reviews on the black keyboard too, check it.
    Good keyboard if you like laptop keyboard style and no number keypad. This is what I like, so I enjoy it.


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