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These cool slim battery are high quality and at affordable prices. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

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  • Cheap rechargeable battery with USB dock for Xbox 360

    posted by ZippeDude

    * The USB charging dock is very handy! You can use it with your console or a computer even if it's switched off.* It's a very cheap rechargeable battery.
    * Maybe if you got the tools and knowledge you can adjust the battery by skimming the edges...
    It's a very cheap price for a very cheap quality battery. It's nice to get a USB charger with the battery (very handy!)
  • relly good batter cover

    posted by xXFROSTYXx

    Fat battery or pandora battery fits well under this cover
    It's for the slim
    good build quality
    Doesn't fall of the PSP after installing
    psp 2000/2001 series
    Good cover for a low price. If you want to use a fat battery on a slim, or a pandora as a regular battery, then buy this now
    Good cover for a low price. If you want to use a fat battery on a slim, or a pandora as a regular battery, then buy this now
  • Get this if you don't like the Darth Vader tattoo!

    posted by Angusgor

    The piece for the regular slim battery fits PERFECTLY. There are no gaps whatsoever, not lose. Snug just like the original cover. The colour is a 100% match, glossy white matches exactly like the PSP itself.
    Awesome item for the price.
    Definately get this if you're unfortunate enough to live in North America and you're stuck with the Darth Vader PSP. Awesome product for an awesome price, you've done it again DX, thanks!.
  • Is your PSP 200X a fancy doorstop? Not anymore!

    posted by Jay48

    1. Used to unbrick PSP200X consoles2. Also used to install...ahem..CFW (shhh!)3. You can downgrade your firmware as well
    I bought this for a friend who wanted to 'mod' his PSP and I was there when he did it. Obviously you need all the files and stuff (available online) and a tutorial (online, like duh!). It can also unbrick consoles so it's very handy to have at home! Now you can remove the memory stick while updating the firmware and see what flashes on the screen! Better yet, amaze your friends by bricking-and unbricking their consoles! They'll think you're some kind of wizard (or you know witchcraft...in which case you'll tied to a stake and set on fire)
    Get it if you want to unbrick or..ahem...mod your console. It doesn't work with the 100X series, but you already know that, right?!
  • Very Impressed

    posted by Zonark

    It Goes Great With The Silver Slim PSP 2000 I was very impressed with the value of the product. It also seems pretty durable as well
    Decently worth the value shipped fairly fast as well. I would say if you lost one of your covers its a great replacement as well as if you have and extended batter it works great too

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