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slim 360 Customers Reviews

  • You wet for what you pay

    posted by oreoman71

    Works with any xbox slim in any voltage!! so don´t worry about that.
    nothing at all.. works fine..
    You get for what you pay.. i´ve bought it as a second power supply so y don´t have to unplug it when I take my xbox to my friends house.
  • I was sceptical at first, but it is GREAT!

    posted by tforgo

    - opens XBOX 360 Slim in just few minutes- very simple and very usefull tool- manual is pretty confusing so follow video on youtube http://youtu.be/NoonD8oFnF0
    - looks very cheap but I had no problem opening my box easily in few minutes, just be patient if it won't work immediately
    As I said, despite looking very very cheap it is excellent and usefull tool... just remember, if you are doig RGH mod you need one more torx head size...
  • Not good, not bad

    posted by btchagas

    - Ease of use: just plug it and it´s ok!- Control storage: very nice, nevermore will I search where I´ve put my controls!!
    Overall: If you want to keep your system colder, even if just a little colder, and don´t lose your controls anymore, buy it!
  • Great!

    posted by Zealot

    Protects the controller against dust,sweat and scratches. Fits perfectly in your job and makes the intense gaming
    Reccomended 100%.It fits my expectatives.The material seems very durable. Be careful when applying it to the controller. As with most silicone's, it can only be stretched to a certain point before breaking.
    Buy it if you want, your controller don't scratch, or only to avoid dust in controllers. A must have for those wanting extra protection and grip on their controller. Really nice silicone, one of the best on this site in my opinion.
  • Good to protect

    posted by THEpaxsz

    Really cheap silicon case, just here at Dx you will find this product with this price.
    Good layer of silicon not too thin, it really feels like will protect your controller from falling into death.
    Great design and vivid colors, if you have a son or a new brother he will love it.
    If you wanna protect you controller from an younger brother that´s a great idea.
    Good luck and thank´s for all the fish.

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