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skull mask Customers Reviews

  • comfortable but expensive

    posted by manus677

    - Really stretchable fabric, and easy to wash... - It will make you look like a cool ninja :P - It has many uses, scarf only, hat only, or full headgear... - Skull looks really cool (just like "The Punisher" logo)
    Still a nice product, cool and practical for skiing or snowboarding. It will not fog your googles because it's really breathable. You can use a helmet because its shape wont bother you, but it'l move quite a lot, because its a "slicky" fabric
    Nice headgear, but it could be cheaper, or at least warmer (in the mountain you will feel the wind and chill in your face)
  • windproof?

    posted by SharKing

    it looks awesome!
    a skull? who dosen't like that?
    and yes! it is windproof!
    easy to put on!
    other thoughts... well it looks really cool.
    and great to have now in the winther days.
    it warms a bit too!
    and that is nice. isen't it?
    and the velcrow is a bit short. i'd like it to be more adustable. so it tifs like a glove. just.. on your face^^
    get one! cheap and windproof.
    and warms too! just what YOU need.
  • grey_mask

    posted by Alexuz777

    inexpensive price, looks good. breathe through it normally. swings have a mouth piece, which is convenient. picture with skull is cool))
    none such is not present, because in local stores do not sell it. almost all black, and gray - an unusual, special.
    performs its function, it is possible to take. to protect the throat can additionally use a scarf or bandanna.
  • Good style gas mask

    posted by xitter

    Good quality of contruction, and good resin plastic materials.The mask looks so great, very nice aparience, looks so real :).The filter canister (without real function) have a electrical fan system, that fan is also for taking care of fog on the lenses, so you can see better. Great for outdoor war game, training and Cosplay etc.It comes with a poster with good images of vestiments or clothing that including this mask.
    The price could be a little cheap, but is a good mask that looks amazing.
    If you like mask, you can buy it.
  • Too sick

    posted by adnan93

    It is so easy to use and can see through it perfectly fine. The black veil behind it makes it even more scarier and better looking.
    Absolutely love it. No better mask than this, it is so light and see through glow in the dark, what more could you ask for that alone is creepy enough.
    Great investment nonetheless, definitely should buy, comes handy at parties and halloween and to make anyone crap their pants.

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