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ski red Customers Reviews

  • Good winter mask

    posted by larsman1

    Good mask, good quality, looks cool. It fits well on me and my eight year old brother. He REALLY likes the look and the warmth level in -10 degrees Celsius. The breathing holes work great, doesn't sweat/get moist around the mouth area.
    Good product at a great price. Warms well.
    Good product at a great price. Warms well. Hmm not enough characters again so here is some smileys =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) Thanx to DX for all the great products you have. The prices is "give away" compared to here in Norway. Great and REALLY fast service when something has been wrong.
  • great product

    posted by shogun139

    it really is waterproof - i held these under a running tap for a bout 5 minutes on either side and no water touched my hands.I have used these skiing and they work really well. the stay dry for the whole day up the mountain and they grip my ski poles well. The price is really good whn you compare to a branded snow brand gloves which can be $50 or more
    the sizing is slightly different. i would say this is approximately a M (or a big small) in western or european sizing other than the these gloves are really good. I have not really found a use for the pockets on the gloves. it is more convienient to have my ipod and bank cards etc in a pocket on my jacket.
    Great waterproof gloves, the look good and grip good. great product
  • look as in the picture

    posted by danaks

    The gloves look nice, have pockets in them and are sold in a fair price. Their inside fabric is soft and smooth and all the stiches seem to be ok. They have elastic band and adjustable stripe to prevent the snow from entering the gloves,
    The gloves arrived as always after a long wait so the winter is over and I will only be able to check them on snow next year. They look nice though and the price was attractive. Each of them have a pocket, surprisingly not so small and it could be really convenient.
    good for their price but you should order at least one larger size than what you usually take.

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