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  • Brilliant Device

    posted by timppatoy

    Very easy to connect to other phone and equally easy to connect with Nokia Lumia phone. While riding we tested range and speed and found out that while the range was not actually 400-500 meters, speed wasn't any issue. You could hear normally spoken person higher speed than 140 km/h. Speakers are good, music has some bass, and mounting to helmet very easy.
    Price/quality is in very good balance.
    Every rider should have one. In street corners you can change thought about turning, and in case of emergency, you can warn your friend, so yes, this is useful gadget while riding, not mention the possibility to listen music while riding alone.
  • Neat Product a Bit Small

    posted by vbrtrmn

    Pairs with HTC One X no problem, after it is paired it shows up with two options "phone audio" and "media audio". Decent quality construction. Includes multiple mounting options. The speakers include velcro mounts which fit very well in my XL motorcycle helmet.
    I wound up cutting off the microphone and I'll only be using the device to listen to music. I don't really need to be talking on the phone while riding.
    Comparable name brand units even for audio only are more expensive, the unit works for what I need after slight modifications, so I'm happy with it.
  • Good and handy prudukt

    posted by tomsomitom

    Works as it should, just to connect them with each other then it's ready. also had one since before which is not bought at dx, looked almost identical, and it could also be connected. good sound from headphones
    Is really good to have if you are out driving motorcycle, then you do not have to drive next to each other and yell at each other, then if you buy three units can you match all three, and then choose which of the two you want to talk to.
    very good to have when driving motorcycle, either by yourself or with someone else. as it supports Bluetooth, you can listen to music even when you drive
  • BT Interphone + Handsfree Bluetooth for Motorcycle

    posted by isayvon

    The BT Interphone + Handsfree Bluetooth for Motorcycle and Skiing Helmet (2-Piece Set) is really cheap compared to similar devices I saw on the market that were around $500. The BT Interphone + Handsfree Bluetooth for Motorcycle and Skiing Helmet (2-Piece Set) is easy to use and mount to your helmet and is good looking.
    The BT Interphone + Handsfree Bluetooth for Motorcycle and Skiing Helmet (2-Piece Set) is a great product overall and I would recommend it for the price to anyone who wants to buy a similar device.
  • Impressive Good Stuff

    posted by AcWAr

    It feels constructed in really good materials. It works right out of the box with no problem at all, just paired with my iPhone and the music starts playing through the speakers by itself.Recieving phone calls just works, and at legal speeds people won't beleive that you are riding.
    This item fulfills it's main porpouse. You can recieve and make calls while riding with no problems and with a high quiality of sound for a phone call.The other specs works just as espected. Nobody could ever guess the price for how it looks and fells.
    Do you want to spent hundreds of € for a Cardo? Try this first and you'll need no other


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