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size xl men Customers Reviews

  • Good gloves for cold weather

    posted by psyko_chewbacca

    - Great Price- Keep my hands warm during mildly cold days.- Design is not too bad. Name tag is cool. In french it means powerful.
    For the price I got them I can't complaint. I still have better gloves when it's colder.
    Perfect gloves for recreationnal activities like skying and sledding. These are perfect since I try to avoid using expensive gloves when it's not too cold.
  • Very tecnical product

    posted by geofisica

    Excellent product, fine workmanship, the seams seem firm and strong. The material is strong (50% polyester + 50% polyester cool max) color is firm, it seems that will not fade. The touch of the skin tissue is soft and non-irritating, and this is very important for those who do sports for a long time. In side the shirt has a band of fabric with open weave (screened approx 10cm wide) propriciando the circulation of air inside the shirt indirectly, because the air flow front has no direct access. Very nice not to freeze the athlete.
    I have not found anything I say depreciation of the product, only the propaganda wrong to put bamboo fiber, which effectively does not exist, and the label is polyester.
    Excellent product for those who want a shirt that keep body heat in the cold, cool in summer and dry during physical atrividade. For Brazilians, may be an alternative, because similar shirts are a little more expensive, but by the time delay may not be worth it.
  • Good Product, many pluses!

    posted by Haggaiy

    - They look great (I like the blue one better).- They hold everything properly- They glow in ultrasonic lights (such as blue neon)- The fabric feels great on the body
    - I wish they came in more colors- I wish they came in XXL- DX requries that I write more than 5000 characters total, so I do have to fill something in... :))
  • Very oversized undersized description

    posted by Stefanelli

    good Lycra material..
    I'm 1.8M tall.. I measured my sizes and get on XL because this is what was indicated.. well.. I should get a L sizer.. or even a M.. the XL is very big for me..(em portugues).. Eu tenho 1.8m, tirei minhas medidas e de acordo com a tabela eu deveria pegar um XL.. ficou enorme, deveria ter pego um L ou até mesmo M.. mas da pra usar..
    It's comfortable, but is not the miracle many of you can expect.. More or less do the job it's supposed to..
  • Amazingly light, like wearing nothing at all!

    posted by sergentsiler

    Extremely lightweight, Feels like you are wearing nothing at all. nice and soft. Has a 'Pocket' for your man parts. Very breathable.
    The thick elastic is nice, not too tight either. Love the purple stitching. Makes your man parts look good too ;D The tag says not to tumble dry but i've had good luck with polyester "moisture wicking" shirts in the dryer before, just make sure its not the /only/ thing in the dryer or it might melt, but with a full load or even a medium load it should work fine.
    Great value, 8.5-9/10. I'll be ordering more just for daily use!(And biking to work) Yeah, they are that comfy. I'm thinking i'll just buy a bunch of these and phase out my cotton boxer briefs.

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