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You will be surprised our best size xl 3d with an artful design and an amazing price. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.

size xl 3d Customers Reviews

  • This is epic! buy it!

    posted by sizor

    The design is really good.People were impressed by this piece of work.The best thing about it: You will catch others' people eyes in a good way.
    This is a no brainer - you should buy it! BTW- for some reason, the measure(XL,XXL,XXXL) is tricky.Check for CM / Inches to get the real measurement.My hight is 1.82 meters and XL is fine for me, nevertheless some people thought it was too small.
    Buy it! Looks awesome! Unique! People will love it!The price is a little bit more than what I expect it to be, but the quallity overcomes the price issue.Great, comfortable, good looking shirt!
  • Nice colorful shirt.

    posted by javierdp

    The color if more vivid than in the picture. Here it seems to be a very light blue but no, it's something like cyan (I don´t know, but it's very bright).The same printing it´s in the front and in the back, like a draw in a glass (in the back it's backward).The fabric it's something like a dryfit, very good for summer time.The picture is BIG and very real.
    The size is exactly as it says in the page but since it's not cotton (like I said, it is something like nylon or dry fit)if you are a little chubby you may buy a bigger size.
    For "another shirt" it's great.

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