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  • Useful Lock

    posted by raskolnikov77

    I like it, because it is very useful for me. All of my friends want it because there arent similiar products here. I'll buy two or three more. Build quality is good and price is reasonable. I changed the password easily. Overall i trust my lock, i put my laptop in the shelf and use this lock to lock it.
    I am using it for 4 - 5 months and it helps me to lock my shelf. I can advice it ! It is a hard and cheap product. You can lock and unlock easily. Only, be careful about dimensions.
  • Nice toy

    posted by Peponetas

    Easy to use, after a few crashes you can fly this helicopter. Strong enough to get the needed crashes for you to learn to fly.
    DO NOT FLY WITH WIND!!!!!If you can get some spare blades, do it, it´s normal to break some while you are learning.
    Very good toy if you are looking for an entry level helicopter.
  • just in time!

    posted by alexdelarge

    nice flag made out a silky-like fabric. very light so the flag waves very beautifully in the wind.
    i'm a small collector of flags and didn't have the japenese and hong kong flag yet reasonable price. I ordered the japenese flag also to hang out my window when the japenese team plays a soccermatch on the world cup.
    great if you want a flag like this one for all kinds of reasons. normal price for a polyester made flag overhere.
  • Decent quality flag for decoration

    posted by dgbatchelor

    Very inexpensive.
    It's a good sized flag.
    Colors are sharp and the eyelets are sturdy enough.
    The picture shows a lot of creases in the flags. When I received it, I thought the flag size was too small but it was just folded up in a tight package. After a quick hand wash and tumble dry, it was smooth.
    It's great for indoor use. I wouldn't recommend it for a flag pole, though.
  • Good to save your fingers

    posted by wagnerjode

    Great idea to use the hiking with foan protection to carry supermarket bags or shopping bags. You can use to handle a various of bags at same time and save your fingers becouse the foan protection. Is verry light and have a good spring to close it.
    Construction in alumminiun and foan. I use it with 15Kg and I have no problems. I think they support more than this. Good price to this job.
    It's a good gadget to stay in your car to help you when you come to your house.

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