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  • Very Useful Well Built Device Software Works Well

    posted by HenrySGurr

    **This is a very nice WELL BUILT card reader for all your memory cards including SIM. I was able to test this on a micro SD & three SIM cards. These 4 worked VERY well, once I understood proper time (and orientation) to insert the cards, especially the SIM. (See below). The Software on the Mini CD, is very good, easy & intuitive to use, and quite professional in all respects.
    **This card reader came with a mini-CD, which had labels on it, but these did not identify the software on the CD. The package this reader came in (as shown on Deal Extreme description page) had C299 upper left. To find out more, I Googled [[C229 reader Insert SIM ]]. The resulting hits, showed this product is sold widely. This gave me confidence to look at the titles of the data files, on the CD. These came right up, and although there was no “ReadMe”, there was a folder “User Menu”, which opened to show Editor English, as well as for French, Italian, Chinese, German, Spanish & Dutch. (Cont Next)
    ** It would be nice if the software could read more than just the names and phone numbers off the SIM card. But it is likely that other Open Source Software (Or commercial software) will work with the SIM card reader. So that may be a way to extend it's capabilities.
    ** This is a VERY good product over all. And Deal Extreme is selling it for a very good price!! And with free shipping.
    **I've looked around quite a bit, and you will not find a better deal!! Purchase this with confidence!! You will like it and use it a lot.
    ** My shipment arrived, well packed, and in good shape in 2.5 weeks (as they stated it would),.
    by Professor Henry. Gurr (Google this to find my contact info.).
  • Nice thing to back up SIM-cards

    posted by AlexAhmet

    - It`s relative easy to use. Just insert reader in USB, launch software from disk. - Super sim can store up to 16 - I think enought for everyone.
    Greate thing, but I found out I cannot clone some of my SIMs. Some of SIMs, especially old types are not problem - it takes from 15 minutes up to 3 hours to get KI code. But some of SIMs have new Comp 128 v2 encription and it`s impossible to crack them now. Pity.
    Works perfect, but not for all GSM operators.
  • Very Slow.

    posted by MarcusDias

    Really can read the sim card, read the contacts and sms, but I could not clone the sim card yet.
    The software performs two steps reading: standard and advanced.
    In standard mode I put a sim card took 09 hours reading.
    In the advanced mode the same sim card spent 15 hours reading, I could not complete the process of cloning.
    Now I have to make the whole process again and forget the PC to finish reading the sim card.
    I think the whole process should take about 48 hours. Reading and writing.
    Although the process is very slow, I think it should work, just can not guarantee because I could not even complete the reading process yet.
    So I can read and write the sim card, I promise to post here again.
  • Good pack

    posted by Spado

    The price is the best we can find!
    The other pack that DX reccommends I think has no better capabilities!
    The best software you can use is WoronScan, but it is free and you find it all over internet, it works with this reader!
    It's not good to put viruses in user CD, but if you don't use the CD this is really a very good and affrodable pack...
    Unfortunately I found only now that in my country only a few sims can be hacked (and from my operator none...)..
    So check if your operator sims can be hacked before :D...
    But this remains a good pack for every eventuality...
  • Works great to backup SIM cards!

    posted by silverspoon

    + Cheap price for such a useful little tool.
    + Worked with all my SIM cards.
    + The SIM card goes in and comes out so softly.
    + Includes the drivers mini CD ROM.
    It is good to backup the contacts and messages form your SIM cards. You just need to install the drivers from the CD included and insert the SIM card on it and place it into an empty USB slot on your Personal COmputer.
    Go ahead and purchase it for it works great and it is very easy to use.

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