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sim adapter set Customers Reviews

  • set for iphone

    posted by koteskote

    Valuable set for iPhone. I came all right. is very useful to fill the holes not fluff, splash and something that can break the connections. The protector headphones, carrying a shashlik to open the SIM card cover, this is very practical.
  • I works well!!!

    posted by jytkd

    This kit of joint of SIM cards gets all that you need. If your iPhone dies, you can put your SIM card to another phone. I had one of micro SIM, but with iPhone 5 I needed another for nano SIM.
    Some troubles comes with use along time. Some adapters can become lax and lack of fit of SIM can disturb smartphone use. I think that plastic materials, including the SIM card too, can suffer this wearing out.
    Needful kit for iPhone or other NANO SIM users!
  • Great Product. As Described.

    posted by xscymx

    The quality of this is better than the other ones that I have bought. There's a hole at the top which is big enough for me to attach a tape and hold the sim card in place steadily (The other ones that I have, the holes are too small and sim card always fell off). Great buy if you are looking to switch from nano sim phones and micro sim phones often like me.
    I wish there would be other adapters there where a adhesive tape is not necessary to hold the card in place. However, for this price, you can't complain.
    Great quality, it fits and works.
  • Good price,quality not at all

    posted by vorete

    Money you save when you ask your operator for a one nanosimWhen you cut your micro-sim to nano-sim, you can use it in every kind of mobile phone
    Finally, my own cutted Nano-sim, fitted in my IPhone 5. When I need to change the sim to another mobile phone, like an my iPhone4, this set is always with me, so I never miss a call. ;-)
    Great price.Useful.Nobody offers the same in my country,(Spain).
  • Poor tolerances, but seem to be okay

    posted by jdp44

    The adapters seem to work fine and the price was attractive.
    They seem to work in the devices I've tried them in. For the price one can't complain too much but I do wish the tolerances were better.I haven't tried any of the other adapters on the DX site but perhaps some of them would be a bit tighter.

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