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silver scratch Customers Reviews

  • What I was looking for.

    posted by lex19l

    If you have transport there are small scratches on wood or stone and many other things that this gadget is for you. This is beautiful. The paint dries in about one day, long cleared and not cleared after you wash your car. Cap sealing paint is securely closed and so it will not leak out of the tube. Generally speaking, all is fine and I'm satisfied.
    I would buy it again. Really great colors in my car.
    If you are thinking to buy a such a product or not. Do not hesitate and order in DX.
  • Cheap DIY for your small scratches on your Toyota

    posted by value412

    All in one, no seperate brush you have locate and then clean after use. For this, you just screw back and the brush shall be inside and with air-tight cap, the brush and paint is protected.
    1C0 silver was difficult to locate for me. I tried various silver spray paint, they looked barely acceptable when wet, but very obvious when dry. With the exact colour code, it looks not so good when wet and excellent when dry. Sand it and so another round and then polish it, I think you can have a pretty decent work, only detectable at close range. Good for your car, and also to fix your rental or leased car so to protect your desposit.
    Get one if your car color code match. You can't get this color from DIY shops, and when in need DX may already sold out, and you know DX sold out being gone forever.
  • God Value for the Money

    posted by EdonPiell

    1. Very light material allowing for very compact folding when not in use.2. Breathing material allowing for heat dispersion3. Big enough for an S.U.V 4x44. Side-Mrror sleeves to fix it against blowing wind5. Easily washable6. Strong material to endure repetitive streching7. Silver color to deflect sun heat radiation
    Very Good protection against dust, bird excrements and street dirt when no closed shelterfor the car is available.
  • It protects your any under any circumstance

    posted by alfredo851

    I can say that the price is one the best pros for this product, it is at least $30 dls cheaper than a similar one in my country.AT first, I used it to protect my car from the dust and dirt but then I notice that it is also useful to decrease the temperature inside the vehicle.I have used it during intense rain and even hail and my car remained pretty much clean after the storm.
    I'm happy with this because it has helped me to keep my car cleaner, I don't have to take it to the carwash so often.
    Good price, good quality and useful. You should totally buy one!
  • Good product, hard to macth the color

    posted by ferdi_morais

    The Honda Silver Auto Body Paint Scratch Repair Pen works as expected, and is easy to use. It leaves a thin coat of paint and is very good to hide small points and scratches.
    This pen is not recommended to paint large areas, since its coating is not exactly the same of the original paint of the car. It works only for small dots and scratches.
    If your car has little rust points from debris thrown at your car and small scratches, this pen is a lifesaver. The final result, despite the fact it leaves a perceptible difference between the old and the new paint, is better than having rusty points or the white base paint on scratches.

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