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silver reflector Customers Reviews

  • Great little P60 Dropin

    posted by FuriousCorpse

    Pulls 2.2amps (@Tailcap) from my Sanyo 2600mAh 18650sVery Bright, Good Throw with very nice wide hotspot (12"@6ft).Perfect single mode drop in for P60 host.Good reflector, no marks.
    Gives a nice sized well defined hotspot due to the smooth reflector,edge of corona and (the little amount of) flood have a slight purplish colour tinge.
    Great little update for a P60 host, Fitted to a WF-501B host, it needed foil wrapping to transfer heat well, about the hottest thing id put in a 501B.Not too far off specs so Im happy
  • Nice product!

    posted by joaodiogocunha

    Excellent quality for the price it costs.I've worked with professionals reflectors had a lower quality.The only difference this product to a professional product is the price.Folds easily and is very easy to use.Much cheaper!
    If you want a good reflector, this is a product that I recommend.The shipping to portugal was about 14 days.
  • Worth it - but could be better quality

    posted by Highlord

    Works nicely, reflects very well.Connects perfectly with SKU 157270
    58mm is a nice size, it fits different lenses, it seems to be a standard for cameras.
    It's worth it, but you might have to consider buying a spare due to how easily they take damage.Huge bonus for how easily it fits with other parts (lenses, LEDs, etc)
  • Great Product!

    posted by sstruja

    Same quality as you would find in any photography store, only much cheaper.
    I actually found it to be of a better quality than some I've seen around that were more expensive.
    Easy to fold, when you get the hang of it - it's folding in one move.
    It is an essential item for any outdoor photographer. Two of these and a camera, and you need nothing else. Silver side is great for studio photography and studio lights, golden one is for outors and bouncing sunlight.

    posted by bratescu1

    Very Large Reflector.People underestimate the importance of the size of a reflector.The larger the reflector the softer the light.This product came quite fast to Eastern Europe - within 3 weeks.
    It's HUGE!The colors and everything else seem OK.It's just a reflector and a light softener.Price may be a little high but considering the size of it it feels within acceptable range.The zipper on the side of the bag may not last too long. I have the feeling it's too cheap plastic.We will see in time...
    BUY IT!Don't bother going for the smaller version of it. This is a very High Quality product despite very small things.

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