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  • Camera attachment Optical Zoom

    posted by voidzero1

    Received my telephoto lens. I was happy with the quality of the lens. It was easy to figure out how to use. The back plate attached to your back cover like a protective panel, and then the lens screws in super easy. Using the optical focus is also easy and great to use. What was also great was that I could still use the digital zoom in conjunction with the optical zoom. Image quality is great when taking pics.
    It's worth the money! I'm happy with the purchase.
  • High quality telelens

    posted by lasermanathome

    Nice lens with high transmission, coated glass lensesand no noticeabele spheric /chromatic aberation.Has also good transmissiun for IR, so it can be used for nightvisiongoggles.
    Can be used to make goggles and (I ''ve done it) give a beamer more throw, many beamers have zoom but sometimes the distance to the screen is too small or to big.This can be solved by this converter.
    Can be used in many ways.I have used it with ITT nv goggles, beamers, as a laserbeam-collimator( wich demands very secure optics) and alter the trow of a single led flashlight.The backcap can be used as a mount, if you demand not to mucht mechanical strenght of the system.What I did NOT is , use is as a teleconverter for a camera.....
  • Nice and light

    posted by truespiderman

    Nice design, the case and cleaning cloth are good quality. They are polarized , very light and adjustable which also makes them comfortable to wear.
    If the frames were a bit stronger, I would have given the quality a much higher rating.
    Good looking glasses, good price.
  • Good polarized glasses

    posted by calugarar

    - cheap- lots of accessories- very good quality
    The glasses look great, but feel a bit cheap, though the accessories that came with it are nice. Mine came with a sleeve and a case that feel good and are pretty sturdy!
    You should buy them if you want a decent cheap pair of polarized sun glasses if you don't mind waiting for them to ship to your country!
  • Very good glasses for driving!

    posted by Orator

    Protect your eyes from the surge in long ride, reasonable price, very comfortable when wearing.Lightweight, large set of interchangeable lenses. useful mix of lens colors provided (clear, amber, neutral grey), second set of frames to facilitate daily change of lens colors, rugged case that actually has room for everything (took me a minute to figure out how to nest two frames in the case with the third lens, so nothing got scratched).The eyes do not get tired, do not blush, no dryness. Ability to set vision glasses frames glasses do very comfortable for people with low vision.
    quite a decent product, the quality is good

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