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silver head Customers Reviews

  • Admirable shower

    posted by uvnesh

    Packaging was okLights look really nice to look itIt makes your shower look beautiful and admirable
    Mine is not working as expected (as my shower is a (a bit vertical- tilted around 15%)But in case your shower is almost horizontal, it will look nice.
    In case your shower is almost horizontal, it will look nice as it is shown on screen
  • Brilliant idea, poorly executed

    posted by BrianUK

    All in one tool for a lineman or similar. Spring loaded cutters, pliers, crimping grooves, screwdriver, utility blade all present. Nice wooden handles with one flat side always available for the palm or fingers.
    If it were better made it would be a really excellent tool especially for those of us who routinely carry a pair of cutters, pliers and screwdrivers.
    For the price I suppose I shouldn't have expected too much. Only buy if you are prepared to work on it with a rotary tool/grinder to improve the fit and handle tools
  • Funny bauble

    posted by Perchilo

    It really works! The light is bright, saturated, you can bath in the shower without the main light in a relaxing environment. Fairly nice gadget. Quality performance at a solid 4. It is not known how long a metallic coating plastics and the product, as a whole.
    Need to make a smooth transition from color to color. Improve turbine parts and labor, not to never booed.
    Overall, I am satisfied, inexpensive and cool gadget.
  • Great Product

    posted by polomatus

    Excellent product. I have a solar boiler and you never know how the water will come, sometimes when there was enough sun the water may come out too hot and you need to mix more cold water. To test it to warm we use to use the hand, with this product it has been time saving and also looks cool in my bath.
    Excellent to seduce your companion ;)
    Great product, nice and cool. Little bit fragile.
  • Great change for the shower

    posted by MrFridge

    Lights up real nice with colors according to temperature level.Dynamo, works by water bower - no batteries.Does not slow the water down too much, just a tiny bit.I can now tell the water temperature without touching the water.Grants romantic environment for taking a shower with a partner.Good quality plastic and general build.
    Just a shower head, what's the fuss?I would love it if it was able to decide which color goes when.
    Very good product, sturdy and reliable. lights pretty and does not require any power outlet or batteries.


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