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silver gun Customers Reviews

  • Good for beginners

    posted by 12428

    It's good for painting models and any kind of airbrushing techniques. I like it because it was cheap and it's actually well built. I don't know if the hose is 0.3mm but it does the job. It's good for beginners.The instructions are a bit hard to understand but it will work eventually.
    No other comments. It's a great product if you don't have a lot o money to spend on an airbrush. Good for beginners.
    It works for me, in painting tank models.
  • Bang Bang

    posted by JessieLeigh

    This gun shaped butane lighter is used with zinc and alloy metal which makes it very sturdy and strong. it also comes with a red laser point which is strong.
    There is two little Phillips head screws to take it apart and replace the batteries or LED bulb.
    Good quality and excellent price, very stylish and cool to whip out a gun to light your smoke or candles.
  • Great Item

    posted by jeffreymichael

    Easy to installIt looks very solid.Increases accurasy dramatically and FPS slightly.By far the best price I have seen in the market.
    As promised, it was delivered in exactly three weeks to my house.It took me about half an hour to install and that was my first time dissasemblying my AEG.
    I would highly recomend this item.This item will help anyone looking to improve accuracy. This and good quality hop up rubber buckings make a lot of difference in an AEG. Its very easy to install and has a great price. By far the best inner barrel on the market.
  • Good but had to be modified

    posted by AccessLock

    Tidy little unit with a spring that should last the ages.Looks professional and fits nicely in your toolbox
    I modified a tech bit to fit in place of the tips that come with it and it works sweet now, have set it between the 3 and 9 o'clock positions so one flip and bang you're plug has spun exactly 180deg and won't bounce back! :)
    cheap and compact and won't require new springs.
  • Cute tiny syringe

    posted by Tempest83

    The Steel it is made of seems to be of nice quality.Most parts are very easy to take apart and cleanThe nozzle that comes with it has a very usable size and shape.
    Could be twice or 3x larger to make it easier to work on "large projects". Bought it with SKU: 116646 (more nozzles), but the nozzles dont fit (they are too big for the syringe).
    Nice little syringe to work on small things.

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