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  • Superbly accurate description

    posted by likovni

    Lovely, it is genuine, it does match with DX description 99%, nice genuine box, wonderfull looking, with warranty and little notice about its finish. It is really light, by mass and by color. My one has signs that suggest its made in April 2011 which is realy fresh.
    Here is content of Notice text: Your new Zippo lighter has a unique finish to give it that use, nostalgic and broken in antique look. Please be advised that this finish is not permanent and will begin to wear with use, as designed. When exposed to alcohol or lighter fluid, the antiquing will immediately begin to wear. When filling the lighter, use caution not to expose the outer case to lighter fluid. Enjoy your Classic Antique Zippo Lighter.
    It is great deal, FACT is that this one is cheapest deal for this genuine Zippo; other prices are similar but non of them are with free shipping included, and if you consider cheaper item in comparison with shipping abnormal you´ll chose this deal. Buy it if you want this kind of design for lowest price and great service.
  • A good product with a good price

    posted by geovaneebg

    - Good Batteries with good Price;- Good Packing, protects the battery well;- Several devices work with this type of battery;- 90mAh is a great capacity;- It seems to be really genuine;- High energy;
    Worked as expected. But only I know if the load is 90mAh after a while.I'm using the remote control car alarm and so far has worked well.
    - Good product.- I recommend;- I intend to buy more of these briefly;
  • great product

    posted by demonkoh

    Its the genuine product from xiaomi, been using it to charge my multiple phones and tablet while on the move. Really good and live up to 10400mah providing good charging... it took about 4 hours to fully charge the powerbank, and it lasted me at least 2 days of multiple charge on my other gadgets
    If u need a good power bank with good performance, this is it... Buy it, you wont regret.
    MUST buy, it worth your money
  • Excellent laser mouse

    posted by Hoelahoep

    Small, good looking and decent buttons.Matches the colour of my full-white table and works perfectly as this thing works fawlessly with the white table surface (as the blue-led MS mouse isn't)
    The mouse isn't heavy and can be picked up and moved easily while moving (I realized that that seems to be my working habbit). The scroll wheel is OK and feels solid, like the push buttons. The force required for clicking could be a little less however for me it's OK. Would have been nicer if the bottom part was made from the same material as the upper part that is more shiny. The bottom part looks (and feels) a bit cheap but does not affect the usefullness at all in my opinion.
    Fine designer mouse for everywhere use and still very affordable.
  • Fine product

    posted by EranYaacobi

    Very low price.Build quality is quite good - I have used this product for quite a while, and it still works properly despite receiving some (minor) blows.
    Reaches the stated writing speed.
    Good product.If you need a USB flash drive to move files between devices, without waiting a lot of time while copying, and without the need to delete files from it due to lack of disk space, this is an excellent choice, for a very good price.At the time of the purchase, USB flash-drives of the same size, but lower speed (USB 2.0), cost almost twice as much.

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