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  • Good enough

    posted by ILIS82

    Small, but not enough to wear in pocketGood quality of materialsTwo options: makro + wide
    Worth to buy. I use it with SGSII it's not bad. Marko is very smooth in corners. wide angle is about 100-120 not more.When the lens is attached, picture is good. no lens borders are visible on screen.I do not know what to say more... But it still less then needed count of chars in my message )))
    May be nice gift ) I'd like it to be 12$.
  • Fish eye lens

    posted by razvan1908

    This fisheye is well built, it feels sturdy and well made. It does not produce horrible distorted pictures, like so many other cheap lenses out there. Considering the small size of this lens, you will need a small camera lens as well. Therefore it is best suited for mobile phones with camera. The quality of the picture will be a bit more grainy because of the angle coverage. This means that you have to have a pretty good camera to get good pictures. VGA resolution or interpolarized megapixels won't do any good.
    I recommend it to all. Very nice price for this item indeed. With a good camera the edges doesn't blur or bleed out, meaning that it's a quality len.
    Works perfect with my Kodak Zx1.A must have if you're into fisheye photographs and you have a good camera with a small lens.
  • Solid Spear

    posted by liam1046

    Excellent long reach gig style spear. 4 sharp prongs, good and well formed barbs, solid shaft that extends to nearly 6 foot long. The telescopic design is nice, and by twisting when extended the sections can be locked in place for spearing.
    When I bought this I was expecting it to be used for catching small fish whilst snorkelling near rock marks, it turns out this type of gig spear is usually used for spearing frogs and swamp fish from a flat bottomed boat.In the UK we dont have many swamps, here it finds use as a flounder spear in the sea at night. Simply get a waterproof torch, affix to the shaft near the end of the spear, and you're good to go. Flounder come right up close to the shore at night, you can wade out and stand to spear, but the best method is snorkelling and using the bare minimum of motion to just float along, always on the lookout for flatfish. They freeze in the light, long enough to be speared.
    Nice spear.
  • Do what it suposed to do

    posted by rebelfw

    Good fitting. Very easy to put and change lenses.Very good finishing and quality of building.Come with rubber lenses protection and a fabric bag to protect when you are not using.
    This is a must have thing. The angle increases to 150° more or less. It is a huge difference. The macro lenses I didn't find a huge difference in close pictures, but it does work.
    No regrets. For a good price you have a good product. Is little enough to carry around and use when you need.
  • Good fishing lure

    posted by JoseCamh

    I just got this lure and my first impression was the acceptable quality. I am a novice fisherman but I guess it will be useful. The colors are bright and seem good quality hooks.
    You hear the internal ball running the length of the lure.
    Met my expectations, low price, acceptable quality, bright colors.

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