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You will be surprised our best silver fingers with an artful design and an amazing price. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

silver fingers Customers Reviews

  • Lovely product

    posted by Dutchdude1

    The ring looks really nice. It's one size fits all, so that's good.It's easy to set the time, and easy to open as well.
    You can wear the ring quite fashionable, despite the size. careful when you go into a pocket with the hand you're wearing it on, it might catch onto the edge of said pocket.
    It looks good, and for what you pay, you get a nice, sound product.
  • Great ring but poorly built

    posted by ratman3334

    Great price for this ring, strong, had some fun with it. Would buy again. Friends liked it.
    When ordering this ring the posted diameter size is the diameter of the outer circle not the inner circle where your finger goes. I measure about 0.2cm is the thickness of the ring. So but that into your calculation when sizing for your finger.
    This can be a nice gift, fun to play with and do some tricks. Very strong if placed flat against something metallic.
  • great gift

    posted by enarki2

    * decent design* nice looking ring* good quality* very strong (neodymium) magnet
    * would like to see bigger sizes M and L* would like to get other colors than black (blue, purple)* extra care around metal objects required* might even have some health benefits
    * nice unique gift (you have to add gift box)* in the worst case can be used as a fridge magnet* buy it
  • Good quality ring

    posted by benagain

    - A nice weight to it.- Looks really nice- Looks better than the picture on the website, smoother cut on the silver outer part.- Comes with display case.
    - A few smudges, the box it came in was a bit unnecessary, but that doesn't effect the quality of the ring. It's really good.- Unlike the picture on the website, the ring is actually shiny rather than matte-silver.
    A nice stylish ring that feels top-notch.
  • Gorgeous

    posted by mutantcat

    It is truly beautiful. Not as bright as the photo, but actually, the slightly tarnished "old silver" vibe adds to the overall look in a nice way.
    They really really should be adjustable.
    Overall I'm satisfied. Still thinking how I'll be able to hold one of them in place, but still, it was a worth purchase without a doubt.

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