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  • Very good heatsink for the Raspbery Pi

    posted by MonoS94

    The two main heatsinks are made of copper, a very good thermal conductive material and are very useful for the chip you are supposed to mount on, the third one is made of aluminum but is not a problem because the component on which you should mount on don't made a lot of heat.The adhesive material is very good also, once sticked on the chip will not take off easily, even if you lift the raspberry pi the heatsink.
    Very good heatsink for the raspberry.
    You need this item if you want to use your RPi 24/7 also the chip will became very hot [even more in summer]
  • Great faucet!

    posted by Nandomanica

    Its just beautiful. Its bigger and heavier than i thought, which is great, cause initially i thought it would be too small for my kitchen. The pull out mechanism works nicely most of the time (see cons). Its very easy to install and it comes right away with all the parts necessary.
    Mine came with a little smash on the lower part of the hose. Well, its not really a problem cause i tested it and it wont leak, and it is on the bottom part of the hose so it will not appear.
    Its a great and stylish faucet, and here in Brazil it would cost me no less than 300 USD!
  • Geed replacement

    posted by Nyxis

    Looks like the original lamp. Have same amount of light (brightness), a slight brighter.It should be shock resistant.Should have numerous amount of workhours.Good distribution of light.
    it have 2 circuits: central point and 2 circles on the sides. Cental have 2 modes: dim and bright.Mine have 3 or 6 leds broken.
    Really good deplacement. You can't say whether it's replacement, or original.If you have too frequent burned bulb, this item is for you!
  • Highly bold! The entire ring is detailed!

    posted by LCS500

    Everything. Simply beautiful! The material and sturdy 925. Well-crafted and bold! In a black gift box highlights it very well. Worth the price for sure!
    If you want to woo a woman or want to apologize to her, take this ring as a gift to her. My wife will love!This one totally different from normally found in retail stores!For women, this is the kind of accessory that never hurts! They always want something different, so I believe it is a great gift!
    Women will like very much!
  • when you need a golden bicycle bell, this is it

    posted by ndftz2

    nice satisfying ding.. feels more polite than my previous 'ding
    for a gold bell. this works and affixes easily.
    where I live (brisbane, Australia) you get a $50 fine if you do not have a bell.
    for much less than the cost of the fine, i have a cool looking bell with great acoustics.
    i would have preferred an all silver or brushed metal finish bell but now that i've gone the golden path, i need to get other golden accessories for my ride
    get it here if you need it. probably the best bell on DX

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