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silver carbon fiber Customers Reviews

  • cheap sticker with good quality

    posted by krazyman145

    the sticker is very easy to install for an amateur installer and also for beginner installer. be it with minimal heat from a heat gun or just by using a squegee (although using a heat gun does makes installing a sticker easier)the glue of the sticker are also very tough, it doesnt melt easily and stick to the sticker for a long time even though through prolong heat composure
    i wish there are bigger size than this, hopefully around 150cm, and if possible this sticker are to be sold at a roll that will make it a perfect buy ;)the depth of the 3D effect is not 1 of the best in compare to others that are available, but if u saw it at different angle it will shine perfectly
    this sticker is perfect for small applications like a small part around the bumper or on the interior i even had installed this sticker on my laptop. and since the reliability that i had using this sticker im definitely going to order this product again.i just hope that there will be bigger size than 50cm x 200cm
  • Looks great as if original item

    posted by morpheuske

    Looks very good on side of the steering wheel on top of the keyhole. Attaches very easily because of the preapplied 3M double sided tape.Overall I'm very pleased with this item and would suggest it to everyone who doesn't want to spend top dollars to upgrade his vehicle.
    Before removing 3M tape, look very good to sort out the rotation of the key because placement is final :)
    Very good item for a low price. Would recommend it to everyone.
  • Handy tool

    posted by adlerweb

    The Delta-Button can be used to calibrate 0mm, Accuracy looks reliable - even after multiple full-slides it still gets to the same figures for 0mm and maximum. Also some test-measurements where spot-on
    mine had already an LR44-Cell installed
    Worth the money
  • Seems like a fine device, to me

    posted by Ramdag

    - The digital measurement is pretty accurate.- Doing multiple measurements with the head being opened and closed many times doesn't seem to skew later measurements much.- Easily reachable LR44 battery compartment.- Quite stable, as far as I can tell - though I would not call it 'rugged'- Easy to use even when unpowered.
    - Automatically turns on when you start measuring.This may or may not be desirable for you (perhaps it would be a problem in some tool boxes where it doesn't fit entirely snugly).
    Seems okay to me.
  • Excellent!

    posted by SDA007

    Excellent sticked. For best results, you can warm up a bit, well stretched! The texture of the film I liked.Adhesion is very good, but slightly worse than that of 3M "3D Carbon" sticker. In the car interior with this sticker, we have achieved very good results! Good reflects light at different angles.
    Very similar to the 3M™ DI-NOC™ 3D-Carbon film. The prices of these commodities are not comparable.
    Excellent product! Very good price (compared to 3M™ DI-NOC™ 3D-Carbon film). I hope, will serve for a long time and will be resistant to the external environment.This sticker you can't hesitate to use for styling of car interior and exterior!

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