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  • It works!

    posted by emmanuel.pira

    I just test it (v129, I failed to install shipped v131 version) on 3 different Renault cars, from 2001 till 2008 (including a "not so common" Renault/Matra one), and it works perfectly ! A little bit anxious when car started to light on without any keys nor cards in, but shows that it works !
    Do not hesitate to watch "how to use it" videos, using your preferred video platform. Depending of your car, you will have a different software look&feel, don't be surprise.
  • Great quality / cost ratio

    posted by messersDX

    Cheap, nice dimensions (width vs. depth), sticks well. Looks very cool on the exterior my car, but I've also used the decoration strip in my interior. Blends in perfectly with 60's style paint to create the overall 60's look.
    It would be nice if this product would be available in more widths and lengths.
    Great product for it's price, but should be used on straigth lines. Looks very nice, and sticks even in Dutch weather (lot's of cold wind and rain)
  • Great gadget

    posted by donbagcio

    helps to see whats behind you with parkingeasy installation no cable needes to LCD its wireless
    I've had this item for over 3 months now and weighing the pros and cons on it I say its a quick easy affordable back up assist system which lives up to what it is set out to do.Pros...Wireless, no need to hook up to rear lights just attach the camera to the license plate, and plug in the monitor to the 12v socket.LCD color monitor with brightness/contrast controls.No need to drill holes in vehicle to attach camera/sensor.If it breaks down, its cheap in price to get a replacement.
    Color image sharp - easy to see. 2. Focus from zero to infinity. 3. Wiring the camera is as easy as could be possible.
  • Good idea, safe and recommended

    posted by aibarz

    Cheap, works every time, useful, keeps you away from get burned with static spark.With the car, tv, electronic devices, cellphones, doors with metalic keys, elevator, everywhere works.Really good idea and handy, ease to carry with key ring.
    I wished to have one before, too late to avoid some gadgets broken due lack humidity at housing/hosting web node buildings.
    A must have and appropiated for computer or machine technicians or low humidity spaces.
  • Dual Axis Motor and Reduction Gear

    posted by NektariosSp

    Great item for DIY projects, like little cars, R/C models, quick development on micro-Controlled little cars. Can run for quite a long time, if powered up with relatively low voltage and there is elementary ventilation of the place installed.
    Good for toys. Relatively inexpensive, in case of a mishap.
    Good for toys and little DIY projects.

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