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silver brass Customers Reviews

  • Installation acessories not shipped

    posted by lpmoreiraluiz

    Product seems to be very good. I received it in Brazil in about 1,5 month after the purchasing.
    Product made of heavy metal, seems to be very resistant. Connection cables are very well made and finished.
    Customers will certainly be very satisfied with this product. It is a very beautiful faucet and easy of use.
  • Good Cheap Module, Real RS-232 Output

    posted by cjketle

    A bit more info that might be useful. Startup report is:$PSRFTXT,Version:GSW3.2.4_3.1.00.12-SDK003P1.00a $PSRFTXT,Version2:F-GPS-03-0612201$PSRFTXT,WAAS Disable$PSRFTXT,TOW: 63708$PSRFTXT,WK: 1766$PSRFTXT,POS: 3943341 -144434 4994336$PSRFTXT,CLK: 94282$PSRFTXT,CHNL: 12$PSRFTXT,Baud rate: 4800 Appears to be version of EM-408 with RS232 (not TTL) output & firmware from 2006/7 ish.Measured current consumption 40-45ma @ 3.2v.Disabled if EN line is grounded.Connects direct to COM port for setting up with SiRFDemo.
    Works with external active antenna OK.
    Good cheap module but watch interface levels.
  • Funny purchase

    posted by szerezade

    The quality of the product it's good enougth. They look very funny and elegant with a suit.
    The price is higher enougth, and the packing is really poor! Only a plastic bag. Perhaps a small box o similiar is needed.
    If you are an Apple user, if your laptop is an Mac, you have an Iphone or you use a Ipad, it is a very good complement. I must purchase another pair becouse a friend "stole" me this pair for his use :D

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