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silver belt Customers Reviews

  • Good belt

    posted by Baraz

    The belt has a nice look. The adjustment system is precise. The buckle does not spoil or scratch too quickly and looks cool. The length of the belt is sufficient for a big man, form me it comes almost to the back, I think I will eventually shorten it.
    I would prefer if the canvas was more flexible.Also would like if I could choose other color i.e. khaki + silver
    Nice belt for jeans or other casual pants.
  • Nice belt

    posted by Danchik

    This is a good looking belt. I purchased it mostly because of the buckle, but leather itself looks and feels very well too. Buckle has no scratches or other defects. Had to cut belt to my waist size, but reconfigured it easily. It came packaged in a nice box and survived transportation very well.
    Nice looking and convinient belt
  • sufficiently solid to entrust keys

    posted by ICanuwundra

    - the thong bit can be removed, by releasing two screws - that makes it rather easy to replace it when it wears off or breaks, or - more likely -, when you need to modify it for a 1.75" belt- sturdy material, looks unlikely to ever break- fits standard 1.5" belts tightly so it won't slip easily- single-handed attach- and release action
    thong appears to be leather, not plastic. looks like it could hold a key of 5 kilogramms.(unless you'd prefer to use such a key as a walking cane)
    hook and latch should be much more secure than the spring loaded steel bead release, as featured by sku 42558, even though releasing a key ring is a tad more fiddly. But it won't take long, and you can latch on and off keys on this item quickly without even looking at it.
  • Perfect for prison wardens...

    posted by ChrisGray

    Seriously though, I have a lot of keys, and two cars. I don't want to carry every damned key I own around at all times, so using this keyring (and multiple key loops) I can modularise my keys. I have the two cars split, a home set, and other sets on separate loops. If I'm on holidays, the work keys go off for two weeks so I don't have to lug them around etc etc.The two balls that hold the loop closed are sprung towards each other, and you have to pull reasonably hard to remove or attach a loop, which was my main concern as I didn't want to accidentally slip loops off in my pocket.The keyring can be made smaller still by unscrewing the leather portion out of the ring.I'm not a great fan of chrome, but these look great, and nobody will know the wiser that it's not a $30+ keyring.
    Do you have too many keys? Buy these and thank me later.
  • A belt with a panther

    posted by gurila

    It has a panther on it.It fits me (and i'm fat... seriously, I am rotund)
    Thought it would look classy, but it doesn't, might have work if i was half the age (like 15).Could be good for a costume or gimmick, not for daily use.when this 500 characters review policy gets reviewed, it's gotta go. 400 is WAY more than enough. When someone has more to say, they'll do it.
    Sweet impulse buy.Bitter putting it away after taste :)

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