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  • stylus for sgs2

    posted by rangerevo8

    It was a metal pen with stylus at the other end. At first i would have thought it will be heavy (since it made from metal), but when i was using it for real, it doesnt feel any extra weight other than a normal pen. The stylus is also quite accurate although it was round tip. i had been using it for months and it was still usable now.
    I use the pen quite often and ended up finished its ink. i was able to modify one of my regular pen, replaced into it and using until now. I had recommended this to my friend and they are using it as well (although they are not using it as often as me).
    If you often bring a pen along and need a stylus, get this.
  • good buy

    posted by snobbie

    2 in one can come in handygood build qaulity i think it'll last very longwrites really well, its actualy the best pen i have now, my handwriting actualy is better using this pen!...
    could be cheaper, but the quality is great.
    Good qaulity. 2 in one can come in handy. I like it as a pen better than as a stylus cause i like most of the weight at the stylus end..
  • Click Clack... Click Clack

    posted by nukenik

    She works. It took about a minute to assemble and start testing the laws of physics. Fun little thing (emphasis on little, see below) and good looking.
    It does work, but it has me wishing for a larger one with all steel and wood construction.
    This is a fun little desk topper that people love to toy with when they stop by. For the price, you won't be upset by the size.
  • usefull

    posted by jimenac

    The big pro is the combination of pen and screen stylus, really usefull to have both in one. It's super small and light, so it's easy to transport anywhere, I have it with me all the time. Also it can be used on any touchscreen. The pen writes nice, smooth.
    Nice item to make a simple and usefull gift, I engraved it with laser.
    I recommend this product for an everyday use.
  • Stylus with gel ink pen

    posted by 25080205

    It good work as stylus for capacitive touch screen (IPhone, HTC). Also it works on resistive screens and hard enough for pressing physical buttons - no need to lay aside stylus in that case.Stylus strong enough and didn't fall apart after half year of everyday using. Also works as pen at first few days.
    In extensively use "silver" parts of the stylus abrasion and copper layer show through it.
    Good thing for owners of device with capacitive screen.

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