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silver ball pen Customers Reviews

  • Incredibly price worth

    posted by gadgetzz

    Gamestop sells these in packs of two, for around 40$, it is an incredibly price-worth item. It is made of a good quality plastic and the strap is made of a material that is hard to break. You will never have to loose your ds pen. I strongly recommend it for this price!
    The only way you would be able to loose your Nintendo ds lite pen with this is if the transparent plastic part that holds the string were to break, but that is unlikely to happen, also it would take a long time for that to occur.
    Very good for the price, i recommend it because it is one the best quality DS accessories available on dealextreme.
  • Best!!

    posted by Sarith11

    Easy to use.Pretty coloured lights beautifully changing smoothlyStrong Laser Beam.Goes Far.Handy.So many things to do.Great Design.Easy to keep in pocket.Great Pen.Perfect Stylus.Amazing cheap price.
    With this you can do almost everything!Wonderful.The lights are LED lights and they flash in many different colours. They blend into each colour to change. GREAT for discos and parties. Small and VERY EFFICIENT!!
    Amazing, Great quality, cheap priced item.
  • Handy and useful

    posted by gasbag11

    Both lights work well and it also writes well. Slide the switch forward and the main light comes on. Slide it back and the writing end lights up. Not super bright, but it's enough to write in the dark with, and the light is focused very well. The pocket clip snaps on and should stay on the light well, yet it's easy to remove.
    The refills are pretty small so I wouldn't try to write a book with it, but it wasn't designed for that. But it's great for writing a few numbers or something in the dark and not having to look for a flashlight.
    If you have a use for it, even occasionally, get one. Or if you're like me and like flashlight/gadgets, that's even better. I bought two because I'm sure someone will borrow one and "forget" to return it. :)
  • good buy

    posted by snobbie

    2 in one can come in handygood build qaulity i think it'll last very longwrites really well, its actualy the best pen i have now, my handwriting actualy is better using this pen!...
    could be cheaper, but the quality is great.
    Good qaulity. 2 in one can come in handy. I like it as a pen better than as a stylus cause i like most of the weight at the stylus end..
  • ?omfortable gel pen stylus.

    posted by mk2002

    Comfortable handle length. (There was a similar handle, but half as long. Was not easy to write). Suffice tightly locked, no problems with loss cap.The gel rod writes well. Function stylus performs at 100%
    You can buy for use as a stylus.
    In general, a good pen stylus, to use mainly as a stylus or occasionally take notes.

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