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silicone wire Customers Reviews

  • very usefull adaptor to prevent resouldering plugs

    posted by maiki12

    Hassle free adaptor to be used when you have tamiya plug escs and deans plug batteriesUsefull to prevent resouldering plugs. Thus preventing it from possible mistake on souldering.Great for those who dont know how to soulderUsefull in a situation where your esc is tamiya plug. And you want to borrow battery but his battery is drans plug. You can use this adaptor
    Try making plug adaptors that are directly connected example. Tamiya plug then a very short cable then deans so there wont be dangling cables that might hit and rotating part inside the rc
    Must have atleast one.
  • Quality wire

    posted by Gromaton

    Good quality silicone wire, easy to operate.Bends nice and easy. No breakage so far either in the insulation or in the wire.Easy to peel insulation even without a proper peeler.Insulation doesnt melt even when soldering close to the tip. Nice heat resistance.
    Insulation is a bit thick but thats normal with 16awg silicone wire.I've used it to replace AEG wires for better current with high voltage batteries. Remember to change plugs as well if you do this.
    Very decent quality wire and cheap.
  • nice winder

    posted by Miniromi

    The product is what you see in the web page. The green button is very nice. The quality of the silicone is very good. You can wind the cord of your earphones to make it shorter. Great for keeping your wires tidy.
    The center could be a little bigger, so it is not necessary to wind the cord so tightly.
    Nice product, great for a little present. If you have to give little things to many people for christmas, this is a fun, inexpensive idea.
  • Can always use some silicone wire

    posted by QuackingPlums

    Silicone wire is awesome. The soft rubbery sheath protects the wire whilst remaining flexibility, and is resistant to heavy-handed soldering.I use this stuff in my RC aircraft - particularly multirotors that are usually bristling with technology that all needs to be powered up somehow.
    It is wire. Use wherever you might need wire. As mentioned above, it is perfect for RC models.
    A staple item for any RC spares toolbox.
  • Useful and nice looking

    posted by DrIng

    Nice looking cable organizer, came in a plastic box. The material it's long lasting rubber, it's a nice way to decorate the hanging cables.
    Maybe it could be a little bit less expensive, even so they work OK and are a great way to decorate cable messes.
    Buy it if you have cables hanging on your PS3 or TV (found that useful) and want to give a nice looking touch.

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