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silicone toy Customers Reviews

  • One of the best gag-gifts

    posted by Muhv

    The texture of this thing is just simply amazing. It's almost impossible to stop fondling it(pun intended). Amazing to play with and will certainly liven up any party. The material is strong enough to stand up to days of abuse in the hands of many. It looks amazing and will retain its form regardless of how much stress it's put through. Its functions as a stress-relief toy are honestly out of this world as well.
    I loved the fact it came in an envelope. One of the best letters I've ever recieved :)Though if you try to use it for *khm* night-time activities, you're going to have a bad time. As it says in the advert: we're dealing with something extremely flaccid here.The material will pick up any and all dirt, should you drop it on the ground. If you regularily play with it, you should also wash it often. The initial "stickiness" will vanish quickly.
    This is a great gag product and an amazing toy in general.Certainly a must-have.
  • It sure is a pig!

    posted by Ericktg

    It sure is a pig!
    It has the same color as a pig has, it is funny and well built, it is such a nice present to be given, it is confortable to be hold, fits in any hand...
    But is well built, I can deny that.
    I guess you can find similar products than this one for less than this price. But if you have liked it, buy it. You won't regret it. I'm giving mine as a present, so... I hope she likes it :)
  • Cute.... and well made

    posted by ninkasi

    The toy seems well made, and is pretty much just like the photos. The eyes are weighted inside the eyeballs, and move around so they always face up.
    It does take a fair amount of pressure and/or a good grip on the toy to make those eyes pop out. Is it a wolf? Well, most people would probably think it looks more like a grey cat, but I don't think that should be an issue. It's also a little bigger than I thought it would be.
    I got this for my son who needs to strengthen his grip with his writing hand. This should help him to do that, whilst at the same time being fun for him to use.
  • Amazingly cool squeezy toy

    posted by LagniManiac

    Ergonomic shape - fits well in your hand .Detail - Bloodshot eyes, little red hooves, cute pig shape - It even has a cute little piggy tail on the back.Have been squeezing him all day - feels like good quality - eyes, which are encased inside hard clear plastic, seem to be attached well - i don't expect these to come off unless i seriously mistreat him.He is hollow inside, but sealed well - so squeezing him forces his eyes to bulge.
    The expression on his face looks like he is extremely nervous, because he knows that at any moment, someone is going to pick him up and squeeze him.I have showed him around the office, and comments have ranged from "creepy", "Awesome", "bizarre" etc.
    I recommend this for anyone who wants a cute looking squeezy toy that doesn't look cheap or tacky.It's cute.You can squeeze it all day. It's a squeezy toy that responds in a nice way when you squeeze it, instead of just oozing out like others do.Buy it, and make strangled oinking noises as you squeeze it.
  • beautiful toy to relieve stress

    posted by makesmebad

    the material that made ??this toy is excellent, the eyes are perfects, and really eliminates the stress! all my friends asked me one, I'll have to buy several. in my country, I could not find one like it-
    Today I gave it to my little boy and have fun for hours watching it.
    the quality is excellent and the price is really cheap, do not hesitate to buy one of these toys are fun to have them in the office or in the bedroom.


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