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Every single silicone pc protective displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. protective silicone translucent and protective silicone tire are the hottest keywords that customer use. DX is the best cool gadgets provider, so take action now and come take a look at our site dx.com.
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silicone pc protective Customers Reviews

  • Very nice and stylish Case

    posted by LikeLegend

    It is usefull, good looking, generaly it is a very nice accessories to have for your Mobile phone.
    It makes the mobile phone look cooler. It can cover tracks of being used and dropped and it will feel like a brand new phone.
    You should deffinetly buy it if you have this kind of mobile phone. It will protect it from scratches and will probably keep its appearence good for a longer time.
  • Great design

    posted by Fnorx

    Great design, looks nice, and quite functional. Friends all wanted to have a look, most of them wanted to order from Dx.com. Colors are lively and is not cheap silicone that will go yellow in some time. Transparent and blue
    Transparent and blue worked well for me, could have more color options.
    Good item for the price. Design is good, is stylish. And functions well, you can use it as a stand in a beautiful way. Quite an original product
  • Awesome ALmost Otterbox

    posted by Robert360

    -Fits very nicely on the galaxy S3-would probably protect it quite a bit if it was dropped, with its 2 piece construction-has a nice sticky back so that it doesnt slide around on you
    The case is pretty solid, and much cheaper than an otterbox, which I think are overrated and expensive. Sometimes the otterboxes dont even fitr all that well.
    Get this case for sure, you wont regret it. The price is good and the quality is quite decent.
  • Cheap but works

    posted by wks79

    Bought this because the prints on my keyboard were wearing out unusually fast (although I can touch type, other ppl using my PC have problems locating keys). So after getting a replacement keyboard I wanted to avoid the problem of the labels wearing out again. Without resorting to wrapping the keyboard in plastic this is the next best thing.This is a silicon keyboard overlay for full-sized keyboards and not for laptops. The overlay cover is pre-moulded to fit into most low-profile 102-105 key keyboards (those with laptop style keys and not full height ones). It doesn't actually stick onto the keyboard but because its made of silicon it adheres due to surface tension between the material and the plastic ... depending on the type. My keyboard was slightly matte so it didn't stick as well but worked anyway.
    Was sent to me folded in half and it took a few hours before the fold dissapeared and the cover lay fully flat ... so don't worry if you get one like that.
    Get one if[1] You have sweaty fingers and palms[2] You work in an environment with harzadous chemicals that corrode plastics[3] Your keyboard labels are wearing out sooner that predicted
  • Very good for the price!

    posted by Airethilien

    - Fits better then expected- Embeds the sensitive screen well- Keeps those tricky corners safe- I dropped my phone many times from standing height max, neither phone or cover has damaged. I damaged the more expensive, socalled "book"-covers more then once when dropping, making those single use... This silicone case however keeps the phone good, over and over again.
    Buy it.
    The only cheap budget cover that actually does keep your phone whole.

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