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This is our best silicone man, they all share a great design and great prices. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. What are you waiting for? Buy now!

silicone man Customers Reviews

  • Its Big, but Cool

    posted by calilennon

    Nice designLook more expensive than really is.Functionality of 100%. Matches all talking on dealextreme.com site.
    Looks very nice and the colours and shape are excelent
    I would recommend this product. I bought to gift to my brother and he liked, the better part he still believes that cost too much money lolIt's a nice man watch, very well build and came with a good price.
  • A decent XXL watch.

    posted by Henz707

    It has big numbers and a big display. Clock works perfectly. Decent silicon band. Came in a nice and decent package.
    Even the package is nice enough to keep the clock in on daily (nightly?) bases.
    If I could do it again I would still buy it. It is a nice watch for a person with a bigger hand. It has a really good quality for such a low price.
  • A good reliable fashion watch.

    posted by doro06

    This watch is a good piece if you see it as a fashion object, an accessory. The has a quality build and seems reliable in case of impact. It's 99% identical with the pictures in the presentation, so it look really good. The packaging was more than sufficient to protect the item from impacts on transportation. This dual-time piece is not just interesting, but useful, I'm now able to see the time in both my home's timezone and the companie's timezone.
    It's a nice solution if you want cheap and nice, the price is obviously an advantage and you get your money's worth.
    If you're looking for a fashion watch that looks good and shows the time (dual zone), it's surely a good option.
  • Annoying

    posted by Kizuite

    Good price, very cool and pretty looking.
    I am an extremely patient person, but I couldn't take it anymore and stopped wearing it.Bought this for giggles, was pleased at first until I noticed all the drwabacks. ( hate to break it to you but it's obviously not more than metal on rubber.) I will repurchase in case I got a bad one from the bunch.
    Very nice, but if these cons are something you know you will get angry at, dont buy.
  • I only bought it for the strap.

    posted by Carwash

    It is lightweight and easy to read in daylight the strap is silicone rubber and approximately 4 mm thick and is comfortable.It is well able to support the weight of this watch.The watch is well put together.You can see right to the bottom of the watch case the movement is hidden beneath the cover on the left side of the watch you could put a few aspirin in the case for an emergency just bring a pocket knife to pop it open in case of a headache.
    The styling is very nice.The watch is slim maybe 10 mm thick from the back to the bezel it fits the wrist well.So far it is keeping good time.This watch will allow users to see just how tiny quartz movements can be.
    For the price it is worth the money particularly if you buy it and use the strap on another more expensive watch. Delivery took 13 days this time not too shabby.

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