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Welcome to our silicone cover online shop. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. htc cover silicone or silicone cover xbox may offer more options for you. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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silicone cover Customers Reviews

  • Very nice case!

    posted by lyur123

    -Nice at hand-Silicone covers the frame very well (important for S3)-silicone buttons for power & volume (not just a hole like other cases)-more than all the others, when you take it with this case, i feel that my phone is safe (at least for me)
    Th worst of this bought was that my phone fall to floor before it arrived and it has a little impact on cristal at very botton right , so when i put this case on my phone i could say that the silicone covers over the phone almost all the impact my phone had, i'm pretty sure that this case could absorb all the damage if it were there.I'm happy in addition to this because it covers almost all the damage so it hide that damage ^_^
    If you need a case, if you want a safe case, buy it.
  • cheaper than it looks

    posted by neverhood-fandango

    Well, it fits, looks nice, fun. :) For a mere second people find themselves confused looking at this for the first time.
    For its price it's more than ok. Maybe other colors would look more fun. If you look at it from the distance - it really looks like a calculator.
    Not bad, but it covers the logo. :)
  • good quality silicone cover

    posted by mposchl

    this protective silicone lens cover for GoPro Hero 3+ passes very nicely to original housing that is shipped with standard package of GoPro Hero 3+. It is smooth, soft, holds on the houng very good, passes also over the settings button. Also looks great on the housing. The silicone is matt, so it always looks clean and fine.
    There can be found some other covers like this, but these are usially from firm rubber or plastic and pass only to older housing (the lens is litlle bit bigger), so be careful before buying! Just make sure you have 3 or 3+ (this particular). Also the silicone is better that the rubber or plastic
    just buy it, it is absolutely worth this price and prevents your lens from scratching and other damage while carying your camera round in a backpack or stuff like that.
  • Good!

    posted by xmuvox

    This item arrived very quickly and was much thinner than expected (the picture makes it look at least twice as thick). the ad also called it polyurethane but the package says silicone and it feels like silicone.Make sure the keyboard area is clean and dust free and the cover will automatically adhere to it like saran wrap.
    overall. its a great product!
    I will definitely get another one when/if needed!
  • This saves my phone daily!

    posted by zarnonz

    Great had shelled covering in the back and great rubbery inside! protects the phone inside and out!Looks clean! and does what it's supposed to!
    without this I would have had to get 2 brand new phone! I am a serial phone dropper!get this if you care for your phone! it is cheap! effective and looks clean.

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