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You can find fashionable silicone case at a low price. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. We recommend soft silicone case, silicone protective case as hot products. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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silicone case Customers Reviews

  • This is a nice cover all case that fits snugly

    posted by slimgym

    This is a nice snug fitting case that covers the sides and back but leaves the controls uncovered. The case is slightly thinner where the controls are so you don't have to dig deep to operate them. The case leaves the bottom uncovered so if you have the D-A adaptor it will fit this phone (some have three openings so the D-A adaptor will not fit). As the case covers the back and sides it is perhaps a pro that you are not showing off your phone and perhaps being a target for theft.
    I like this case, I don't feel the need to show the phone off but I do want to protect it and keep it new looking. It is a shame the iPhone 5 is so beautiful yet so fragile with the aluminium back that it really needs an all over case to protect it.
    Is still a great price, perhaps a greater price if less had been spent on the packaging for POS use.
  • Really useful!

    posted by RODBARG

    - Pretects your Nintendo 3DS;- Cheap;- Easy to use;- Makes the 3DS slipping harder.
    It's really cheap and it does what it promises. With my blue 3DS, it looked a little weird, but I got used to it. It really attracts dust so you need to clean it sometimes.
    If you want to keep your 3DS protected and you don't need the D-Pad to play fighting games like Super Street Fighter IV, it's a very good purchase.
  • Excellent product. Glad I ordered it

    posted by refaelna

    Protective very good. Silicone Excellent A+++. Amazing color. Back very protective quality and comfortable to put the iPhone in your pocket. In one word - Excellent.
    Order another. Today we initiated such prices even my brother. Waiting to receive them impatiently.
    This product just wanted. The same quality. In a protective plastic around and separate unit. Equal to invite not disappointed.
  • Not perfecly fit my i-phone 5

    posted by garsons

    Very elastic and shock absorber material. Back side of case is same as shown in dx.com and seems cool. Finishing of case is very good and holes on earplug and usb connection this in right place.
    I cannot find any thoughts for this simple equipment. I try to strach the case by heating it but it is not working and I change its original shape, now it's useless.
    Maybe my case is not good I don't know but I cannot reccomend in this sitiation.
  • Usefull and cheap case

    posted by ksp79

    The price is good, and the case fits the tablet perfectly.It prevent the tablet from sliding on tables or other surfaces, and it gives a good grip of the tablet. Furthermore it protects the tablet from getting scratches.
    This product is easy to put on the tablet, and if it did not get electro static charget or dust sticked to it, it would be a perfect product.
    A cheap and good product.

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