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silicone breast Customers Reviews

  • Silicone Bra

    posted by pile20

    This item is made of nice quality silicone and it really is almost invisible under your clothes.
    -Attached easily
    -Feels almost like you don't wear anything
    Perfect for open back dresses or tops.
    Ladies, don't expect miracles, this is just a bra and ff you need discreet bra this is a perfect choice.
  • Silicone push up bra

    posted by alev85

    Light, easy to wear, comfortable. Doesn't stick on as much as other brands. This for some may be a con, but for me it's a pro. It sticks enough for not falling off, and it doesn't feel like you're almost ripping off your skin when removing it as it feels with other bras I've used.
    It would be nice if the package included a case to keep it protected between wears.
    Good price, comfortable wear, it does the trick. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.
  • Good uplift, but pretty big!

    posted by soulsponge

    Does a good job of what it is meant to do, push up the girls and give you a bit of cleavage. It feels very realistic and doesn't slide around under the bra much. They also warm to your body temperature which is nice.
    I bought this to wear with my wedding dress as I couldn't wear a bra with it. It worked out great inserted into the bra cups of the dress but I don't think I'll be using them much in the future. They are fun to throw around and play with though.
    I'd recommend this for girls at least a B-cup for lots of cleavage, or for anyone if they want some uplift for a special occasion.
  • Gag gift

    posted by SandyA

    I bought this as a gag gift. I know a long-distance runner (male) who has problems with his nipples chaffing.Since I'm jealous that he's in much better shape than me and gets noticed by women, I feel it's my duty to mock him.I have no idea if these are useful for their intended use.
    The model on the box is really cute.I also listed my Involvement Level as expert since I have really done a lot of research on nipple pads.
    Please don't let me die and have this product found in my home.

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