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silicone bracelets Customers Reviews

  • Annoying

    posted by Kizuite

    Good price, very cool and pretty looking.
    I am an extremely patient person, but I couldn't take it anymore and stopped wearing it.Bought this for giggles, was pleased at first until I noticed all the drwabacks. ( hate to break it to you but it's obviously not more than metal on rubber.) I will repurchase in case I got a bad one from the bunch.
    Very nice, but if these cons are something you know you will get angry at, dont buy.
  • Great Fashion Bracelet

    posted by salomano

    Great design, very strong rubber, it was just like i hoped. I enjoy it!!
    Excellent price and purchase.
    Excellent purchase.
  • My sis liked it!

    posted by WoB

    Well, it came in a nice package of ten wristbands. When they arrived I was at first, very frustrated with the size - but after a quick examination that was no longer a problem. The silicone is very, very flexible - my palm is more than 4" wide and I could get them on my hand with little effort, my sister doesn't have any problems with that at all! They glow very nice, with some UV stimulation they glow like crazy.
    If your planning on getting one of these, I suggest you also get a UV flash light, or any other UV light source. The phosphor in the bands love it and you can charge them up to a pretty bright state.
    I put a "3" for usefulness only because... well this isn't something that you would wear all the time, lets face it - it's just a toy. But my sister enjoys wearing them at her parties. Made an excellent Christmas gift.
  • Pretty

    posted by paancinha

    Easy to use.good colorgood material
    its very good if you want to use with a chothe at the same color like the shoes of the t-shirt, for example. if you use it in a arme and a watch at the other arme it cam to be very pretty too.the material is amazing. the part with flexible plastic and the part with metal is very resistence day-by-day.if you want, you can to take of the part with metal and stay just with the plastic part. its very pretty too, anyway.at brazil its more than 10 reais = 5 dolars. at this site you can buy it by the halph of the price. enjoy for to give like a gift, and, you can by a lot of others colors, for always to combine with other clothes too.
    very good.think about what clothes you will use with this
  • As depicted in the picture!

    posted by mondrongo

    - Great, it is beatiful- Looks like expensive!- The metal string is really really nice, the overall look is amazing!
    Nothing here.
    Buy it, it is cheap and beautiful, buy more than one so you can use it as a nice gift. Just wrap it in a good stuff and it wil be a expensive-kind-of gift!


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