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  • Good product for the price

    posted by Moulindu

    Very good product at the given price. It is very well precisely made raiser for increasing the height of your mount. It has mate black glossy finish & it looks neat.
    The scope i had has bigger objective bell so there was no clearance. I didnt want to change the mounts ,so i got a couple of mount raisers. Now the scope is very well placed with good amount of clearance.
    The raisers are doing their work of both raising the height of the mount as well as tightly securing the scope. Very much satisfied with the product 7 would recommend it.
  • Fantastic Scope for the price

    posted by masterwolf

    ok this is a clear banner/tasco knock off - even comes with Tasco on the side and you know what - who cares !!!!This is easily the best .22 and airgun scope on the websitesolid construction - good turrets, nice zoom and focus - superb clarityblue light works as advertised - has 11 actual light levels not the usual one or two - the spirit level is an excellent addition for long range shooting.nice clean mildot reticle and really easy to use - weaver mounts that are provided are cheap but solid and he lens covers are the usual plastic stuff - but they do the jobfront hood is threaded for a sun shade or polarising lens
    buy 5 or 6 - i did!
  • Cheapest high mount for MP5

    posted by ORlyYaRly

    It's serves its purpose - provides picatinny rail mount for MP5 replicas with enough distance to bypass default ironsights once the red dot / scope is mounted.
    Side picatinny rail provides a good mount for lasers and similar gadgets.
    For what I've seen it's the cheapest high mount for the MP5 replicas and does it's job well.
  • Good enough for the money

    posted by hvdgoor

    - relatively cheap- magnification factor is just right with 3.5x to 10x- mounting it was easy- zeroing was easy- keeps it zero very well (except laser)
    This scope fit's my H&K 416D perfectly altough it feels like the rails are made for 20mm not 22.
    I'm happy with it. The zoom-factor is nice for my 25 meter indoor shooting range and the 100 meter indoo range. The laser is not that usefull as it does not retain any zero at all.
  • Simple laser with hidden secret (read pros:)

    posted by Rumpeshtilski

    - Lays very low/near to rail- At dark I can see dot very clearly at 80m (and I don't have very good sight)- This laser doesn't have windage/horizontal and elevation/vertical adjustment (and they are not advertised) BUT! there are 3 screws that are used to hold front cap in place and by loosening and tightening those screws you can somehow get laser point centered unless your rail is way off in which case you should be creative with other methods.-Hex wrenches seems to be of good quality so far
    I use this for airsoft AEG gun so my review is for that usage only.Package included:- Red laser gun sight- 3 batteries needed for laser to operate- Wired remote switch cap- Switch cap- Hex wrench for rail mount- Hex wrench for cap dismount (centering adjustment -> read Pros: how to do it)
    Best buy if you just intend to put it on and use. Don't go creative by detaching parts or bend wires alot because you might break some parts easily.

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