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  • Value for money

    posted by chuank

    Simple, well-made, sturdy. Silk-screened labels are well-done, and plating seems to hold up very well. These are so much better than your brown wafer prototyping stripboards, if you're looking to building more permanent circuits.Package came with a tiny pack of dessicant, which is a nice touch.
    Size is great for smaller prototyping projects. The plated-through-hole gives you two layers of prototyping space to work with.
    Get these if you need something more reliable than brown prototyping stripboards.
  • Nice paddles, lighter than the stock Align ones.A+

    posted by nathanreed

    Good paddles, snug fit. Nice and strong and light. Flips and rolls are very fast now. I had to drop my cyclic down with these on.
    Buy these if you want to spead up your cyclic, rolls, flips etc. But you have been warned, they make it flip very fast so be ready on the sticks
    Good practice paddles, buy these to play around, much cheaper than Align 3k, no solid but the do the job.
  • Nice quality, best price.

    posted by pakoelfruta

    Nice quality for a really low price. I have bought 2 packs of ten, in 2 different colors, they have the same quality. The usual price for these dice is around 1€=1 dice, so 3.16€=10 dice is very nice.Now i can play games wich uses a lot of dices without hurting my wallet.
    You can't get dice like these for this price anywhere, so if you have to buy this type of dice, this is a great inexpensive option.
    I like them, would buy again if needed.
  • Nice pile of dices and cheap

    posted by Ratovaari

    10 single colored dices for less than half the price these usually cost. Color is nice and numbers are clear and easy to see. The sound they keep is nice.
    Not only can these be used in a role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, I also use these as a level counter in Munchkin. You could also find other uses for these. Why not play Yahtzee with D10? Plenty of uses for brilliant mind and little thinking.
    Extremely nice dices. I think I'm ordering these some time soon.
  • Perfect boards for small projects

    posted by ehud42

    I use these with my CNC machine to make all sorts of little boards for various electronic projects. They are a good size that works with the Eagle PCB CAD software free version limits.
    Not sure what the backing board is made of, so if you plan on cutting these and doing lots of it, make sure to wear proper dust protection - don't want that stuff in your lungs.
    I'll be buying more of these when I use up this batch.

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