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  • Awesome Product

    posted by Vesar

    VERYYY usefull for someone who is in electronics. The build quality is awesome and the price is very good too. I really like it and it has all the sizes of the wires so you dont have any problem
    I use it every time i want to solder some wires to cover the connection and its doing pretty well. The only "bad" thing is that the colour is black and sometimes it looks a little strange with the colour of the wire.
    I love it and i think the price is the best. You cant find a better price for that product with this very good build quality
  • Very good deal!

    posted by JohnJackGit

    Five different sizes, three-meters each. Very cheap, it will cost several times more locally.Thin and flexible, 125 C shrink temperature. Wall thickness is 0.08 mm for 0.8 size and 0.27 for 4.5 mm size unshrinked.
    It is thin and flexible even in shrinked state, so if you need more rigid cable - apply two or more layers, you can afford it.
    It does it's job and is dirt cheap. Get it as a spare and you will definitely need it sometimes.
  • The Business

    posted by moromorr

    They shrink, well this is basically your standard heatshrink so it does what its supposed to.
    The assorted sizes are ideal if you're starting off your stock and are unsure of exactly which diameters you'll be requiring
    Its a pity DX don't stock the adhesive lined versions
    Cheap and cheerful
  • great stuff!

    posted by yuvk1

    It is very cheap - much cheaper than it cost me only the 10mm tube localy. While cheap, it seems to be a good quality material. It is thick and it shrinks quickly and evenly.Having several widths is excellent. or extra protction you can apply several layers of this shrinking tubes/
    It is excellent stuff - much better than the electrical sticky tape. I use it for car electrical repair. Unlike the isolation tape, this one stays on, even in hot areas like engine compartment.
    Anybody who is doing electrical work should have it. Till today, I "saved" the staff and used it as little as I could, because it was so expensive locally. Now I can use it freely.
  • Easy to use, good results...

    posted by adrianomm

    Easy to use. Using a simple blow dryer the film shrinks to encapsulate the remote control. It is also very cheap. Check my video to see how it works.
    Protect the remote control very well and it is cheap enough to replace when you need to change batteries.
    Good and cheap.

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