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Buy quality shoulder brace support at our online store at low prices. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

shoulder brace support Customers Reviews

  • Low price, good quality, but it smells like rubber :)

    posted by uka80

    Low price, good quality, well-stretched, not visible under clothing... This product helps to quickly recover from a shoulder injury.
    This product is very affordable price, thanks! In Russia, it would be worth about $ 60.
    Its good shoulder support, helps to quickly recover from a shoulder injury, low price, good quality, well-stretched, not visible under clothing, but if you do not like harsh smells, not worth it. I aired this product on the balcony, but it is still very sharp smell rubber.
  • Upper back/shoulder pain relief.

    posted by Crowbot

    Have piercing middle/upper back pain? Shoulders being pulled forward from too much computer, reading, factory work? Buy this now. It relieves much of the tension, stress and pain.Works great for pulling shoulders backwards to their proper position. Not a strong pull, but enough to remind you not to hunch them forward.
    If you have large arms/biceps you may have a bit of a squeeze to get into this. It could be a little more robust and pull the shoulders harder, but it's okay as is.
    Upper back/Shoulder/shoulder-blade pain? Buy it.Shoulders dropping forward? Buy it.Hunched over from work? Buy it.
  • Required accessory for all motorcyclists

    posted by Kulchinsky

    Since I started riding a motorcycle (6 years) I have an extreme pain in my back of the shoulder. Sometimes it gets to such point that I can't move my arm. Did all possible exams and showed nothing.After wearing this support the pain didn't disappeared, but it sure got more bearable.
    I ordered the L size, but the arrived support was XL. Even though, it was a little bit tight on the bicep part, it was a perfect fit on the back.The magnets seems to me that are doing nothing, but maybe it is just my skepticism. Also you can't use them as real magnets.
    Really nice product. Will definetely buy another of this type, maybe from the other place or other brand.Will use it every time I ride a bike and since I use it every day, this will be part of my wardrope.
  • Try it

    posted by Slabev

    When I opened the product I was surprised of the quality of it. It come in the great time because for some time I have had constant pain in the shoulders and back. When I pot on me after few minutes the paint starts to passing by. After an hour my pain was gone. So if you have Problem like mine I strongly recommended for you. Now I use this product occasionally just to relax my shoulders after hard day of work in the office.
    worth to try
    Pain killer
  • Shoulder tight

    posted by guimarengo

    Make you feel good with a good posture beyond stabilize the shoulder. If you have problems with posture, it helps too.Excelent quality and very resistence product.
    Maybe if there was some picture of a real guy using the shoulder, it could help me to choose the bigger one.
    Except the tight part, the product is perfect and met all my needs. Make me feel better in my posture, something i would not thought about.


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