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shot gun Customers Reviews

  • Great

    posted by Alan250

    No more scattered BB's around the house and no more purchasing more BB's because they broke, this device held properly all BB's that came through.Came with few paper targets like the one on the pic.
    Thanks god i found this thing to buy, i didn't knew that this existed before i find it at dx.
    Worth it. I recommend to everyone. You can set your sight with this or train some left hand shots without making a huge mess around
  • The choice of the professional

    posted by wild3vil

    Sensation of using a real rifle
    It has a good size
    Resistant material
    It works with all the shooting games
    Four ways of using
    Nice soft buttons
    Absolutely a fine product.
    It looks great, feels great and works great.
    I would not expect to find something like this in a shop at this price. It is not cheap, but anyway it is a half of the price on my local store (on BRAZIL)
    After using you he will not be going to want other
    and It was pretty in my bookcase
    One of the best product I have bought here and strongly recommend this accessory
  • Gun Pistol Adapter for PSMove

    posted by dm740

    - Pretty good quality
    - Easy to use
    - It does what it says, and it's good at it.
    This product is way better than you would expect from something so cheap. The red plastic is not the best, sometimes it opens itself. But as I said before, you can easily fix that with a rubber band.
    Don't hesitate to buy it. It's a great accessory for your PS Move. Specially if you want to invite someone else to play. And the price is great!
  • Cheap NERF Gun

    posted by rafcor

    -It's works just like a NERF gun, fun in the office, nice to shoot your boss with a sponge dart-it's cheap (in my country the most cheap cost around U$ 25)- with a straight shot, it goes up to 20 feet (around 5-6meters)
    the bottom 'slot' could be useful somehow, maybe a 5th dart or a laser with a ON/OFF switch
    It's a cheap replacement of a NERF gun, if your country doesn't sell it or it's too expensive, get on of these
  • Great!

    posted by raspik

    I liked it alot! Nicely done and has great looks. Bought for it 1000 rubbers and now driving my work-coops mad with rubber shooting and DOOM wooowing.Great disign and powerful steady shooting.
    It could be a great present=) If you don't mind being shoot at=)

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