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  • Good price, good device :)

    posted by steelmail

    Solid foundation, easy to use. Easy lock and unlock. Good lock for a holder.
    Top platform made from steel and has regulated wheel - it's very good becasue some flash mount has't same fix. I add silicone grease in some parts of device (it's easy dismantle). I remove top platform (thet fixed flash) and munt handmade big platform that fixed my flash in horisontal posistion.
    It's userfull thing, for a good price.
  • Very Good!!

    posted by sajnox

    It's a cable, so there isn't much to say about it except that it's a very good product - The TTL Connection works seamlessly - I'm using it with a Canon Rebel XS - Build Quality is very, very good! it feels strong, you're not going to break it easilly - It does the job - You can screw it to the tripod - Conectors are good
    Very good! Good pricing and quality and it really helps you to take better pictures using an external flash.If you are looking
  • Very useful for combining with other tripod connectors

    posted by larking

    In itself it's not very useful, unless you want to connect a flash to a point-and-shoot that doesn't have a hot-shoe. Otherwise it works great with the monopod and clamps you can find on this site. Basically anything connecting with a tripod screw you can double up with this bracket, building lighting setup LEGO.
    Like a lot of items on DX, its hit and miss. Some are totally worth the money, some are a waste of time. But most of these things cost less than half of what you pay at home - so usually you break even!For the cost, this is definitely a good buy, but only if you can think of stuff to improvise with it.
    Buy it if you want to build custom light setups for really cheap.
  • Works fine

    posted by lemio

    It is cheap for an hot shoe (that works with Sony Alpha). It's good quality of plastic and it don't move if you hold your camera diagonal.
    So it is cheap but don't think it is better than buying a Sony alpha flashlight. Because you can only use the manual function. But it is nice if you have a old flash from another company. Now I can use that old flash again
  • Great light for the price

    posted by MorningManiac

    - It is quite powerful- You can dim it to the strength that you need- comes with 3 filters: orange, white, purple- accepts several kinds of batteries including aa's- reasonable build quality for this price
    It's a light, it works and on a single battery I can run it at least for 3 hours. I would recommend using one of the non AA battery options. Chargers and 3rd party batteries can be found quite cheaply over here at dx.com as well.
    Good light, good price, I would recommend this to a friend.


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